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MMO From 2018

Art for MMO From 2018 Games List

The most popular MMO from 2018 were undoubtedly battle royales. In essence, the highest popularity of Fortnite influenced the whole industry, and every studio from giant corporations to indie developers tried their best to steal the show from Epic Games. Even though the original game was released a year before, there was plenty of similar MMOs and modes from 2018: the Cuisine Royale, CoD Blackout, and Ring of Elysium. Still, the Monster Hunter: World and WoW’s expansion Battle for Azeroth also were released this year.

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Hack-and-slash MOBA game in Fantasy setting

Heavy Metal Machines

A racing MOBA game in postapocalyptic setting


Experimental combination of MOBA and MMOFPS


A magic MOBA game with wizards

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 is the latest game in series of multuplayer shooter Battlefield

Raid: Shadow Legends

A 3D cross-platform turn-based browser MMORPG in fantasy setting

My Soul

My Soul is a browser action MMORPG in setting of SoulCalibur.

Shroud of the Avatar

An old-school sandbox MMORPG with deep character development

Project Gorgon

Project: Gorgon is an indie sandbox fantasy RPG.

Astellia Online

An action MMORPG where you explore the world and collect unique battle pets.


Egress is a multiplayer souls-like PVP arena in Lovecraftian setting.

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 is a game, where players can build a career as a professional racer.

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is an open-world multiplayer survival MMO in the world of Conan the Barbarian.


Starmourn is a text-based game in the sci-fi setting, developed by Iron Realms Entertainment.

League of Angels 3

League of Angels 3 is a browser turn-based RPG in a fantasy setting, developed by R2 Games in 2018.

AirMech Strike

AirMech Strike is an action-RTS multiplayer online game with MOBA elements in the Mecha genre.

Battalion 1944

A MMOFPS about the times of WW2 developed by Bulkhead Interactive and published by Square Enix.


Pixark is a survival open-world sandbox MMO with dinosaurs and fantasy creatures.

Dota Auto Chess

A modification for DotA 2 inspired by the Mahjong game.

Life is Feudal: MMO

Hardcore medieval-style MMORPG from the creators of Life is Feudal: Your Own.