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MMO Games with Controller Support

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A wide variety of MMO Games have a dynamic combat system, and they offer the players to customize their controls in different ways. The flexibility of some projects allows you to use more than the standard PC kit of a keyboard and a mouse: you can connect different kinds of specific controllers. However, it's much more comfortable to play dynamic action games using the classic gamepad. The MMO Game with Controller Support allows you to use the preferred type of the controller and improve your experience depending on your gameplay style.

World of Warships

World of Warships is a MMOFPS in genre of battleship simulator, developed by

Honkai Impact 3rd

Anime action roleplaying game developed for the mobile platforms

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Casual battle royale game with cartoon graphics

Hell Let Loose

Realistic team-based shooter in setting of World War II


Indie hardcore shooter with realistic gameplay mechanics

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Hardcore multiplayer shooter set in the Middle East


Massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure game

Sea of Thieves

Open-world multiplayer game in the pirate setting


An experimental combination of the first-person shooter and RTS

Wasteland 3

An upcoming multiplayer RPG in postapocalyptic setting

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 is the latest game in series of multuplayer shooter Battlefield

For Honor

Team-based hack-and-slash MMO featuring realistic combat and classes

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is an action shooter simulator of spaceship combat.


A fantasy MMORPG in anime stylistic developd by KOG Games

Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a MMOFPS with wide variety of playable characters and game modes.

Dragon’s Dogma Online

Dragon's Dogma Online was an online MMORPG developed by Capcom

Path of Exile 2

A continuation of the famous hack-and-slash action MMO in dark fantasy setting


A voxel action MMORPG sandbox with light RPG elements

Steambirds Alliance

A dynamic bullet-hell shooter with RPG mechanics

The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG in setting of Elder Scrolls series.


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More about MMO Games with Controller Support

Console games are much more popular than their PC analogues, and a lot of projects reach the PC a long time after the console release. Sometimes different versions are developed in parallel, but their creators always focus on the broader market. Therefore, many games now have control mechanics comfortable only for console users. And that's the reason why some MMO Games support controllers: it's much more convenient to play specific genres using a dedicated tool.

Some MMO Games with Controller Support feature cross-platform servers, and players are free to choose their gaming equipment. In this case, even PC gamers can connect a controller and customize it to be on the same level with other players.

One of the advantages of gaming with a controller is that players physically can choose a more relaxed position away from the screen. It allows you to play longer without feeling tired and prevents various joint diseases, which can be the case with a mouse and keyboard kit.

Different genres of MMO Games with Controller Support also play a role in choosing a convenient way of playing. Sometimes you only need a few buttons and a convenient way to press it in the games, such as fighting or racing simulators. However, in some projects, it can be more efficient to use a mouse and keyboard kit, such as shooters or MMORPGs. In the first case, you might need a faster and more precise aim, and in the second case, you may not have enough buttons for all the abilities of your character. It is still up to the players to choose, and you can always experiment to find the best way of gaming exclusively for yourself. The versatility of choice always brings more players to such games because there is a convenient way of gaming for everyone.

Best MMO Games with Controller Support

  • Apex Legends is an MMO first-person-shooter that supports both keyboard and controller. Players can freely switch from one another and customize every button on them to make it as convenient to use as possible. Controller also grants aim support so players would not play at a disadvantage.
  • World of Warplanes is an MMO in-air battle simulator where players need to pilot their vehicle considering realistic physics and fight against other players. The controller makes the process easier and smoother to operate and improves the game experience for the players.
  • The Crew is an MMO racing simulator, and you need to pilot different types of land vehicles and consider the in-game physics to compete against other racers. Players can connect a Controller to their PCs and customize buttons to make their cars more convenient to control.