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MMO Games with Flying

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Some MMOs don’t limit players in exploring the world only by walking or running around, and they also offer a way to fly over the beautiful virtual land to make the journey more comfortable and quicker. There are various ways how different MMO Games with Flying design this feature like that, but it always positively affects the gameplay for several reasons. Moreover, this feature is often used in combat too, which provides the exclusive strategies and unique experience of air battles.

Guild Wars 2

A player-driven fantasy MMORPG with diverse gameplay and unique class system.


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More about MMO Games with Flying

Flying around the world has a lot of advantages over walking, such as speed and convenience for the players. It allows players to dodge most of the dangers on the ground so that you most likely wouldn't be killed during travel. However, avoiding the land makes players miss a lot of details or possible easter eggs down there, and it's common to lose some rewards on the way.

Some MMO Games with Flying bring in-air combat as a built-in mechanics, and sometimes it can be the main feature of the project. In some cases, the players use aeroplanes to shoot each other, and it can be both free-for-all or team elimination game modes.

Being above everything else brings majestic views to the players and allows them to take beautiful screenshots to share with their friends. Together with decent graphics and meticulous landscaping that can bring even more players to the game.

Unlocking Flying can grant access to new content, which was unreachable by players before they could fly. Some MMOs have locations that players can only reach by air, and that can represent a new stage of progress for players. Versatility in choosing a transportation method, and flying as the core mechanics of the game always attracts new players to different games, and it certainly can enlarge the community of any MMO project.

Best MMO Games with Flying

  • World of Warcraft is an MMORPG that features flying as the primary transportation method along with portals. There are different ways to fly over continents, and it's accessible to all players. Some events even include battles on aeroplanes similar to real-life planes.
  • World of Warplanes core gameplay focuses on piloting your plane to fight against other people in a realistic environment. There are hundreds of different machines with unique piloting styles, and each player has to experiment to find their preferred way to shoot and to fly at the same time.
  • Entropia Universe is an open space MMO, and one of the core features is using a spaceship to fly around the universe to explore depths of space and to engage in various battles using your ship as a primary weapon.