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MMO Games for Kids

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MMO for Kids is a kind of video games that smoothly immerse children into gameplay. It's an incredible genre that lets kids learn more about the world and how to interact with other people; moreover, it encourages creativity and curiosity. Another feature of these games is a safe entertainment for children. In essence, these projects are strictly moderated, and they have no explicit content so that parents can not worry about their kids playing.

Star Stable

An online adventure game about horses, competitions, races, and horse care

Rail Nation

Rail Nation is a browser-based strategy economy game in genre of train simulator.

Disc Space

Massively multuplayer frisbee game featuring different playable classes and challenging gameplay


Casual-friendly snowball action game with character customization and different game modes

Cubic Castles

Casual-friendly indie MMO game with sandbox gameplay elements

Pirates of Everseas

Casual-friendly strategy game in setting of the Pirate adventures

Islet Online

Indie sandbox-style MMORPG game with cartoonish graphics

Dino Storm

Browser-based Dino MMO game featuring RPG and shooter elements

Mighty Party

Free-to-play strategy game with RPG elements


Free-to-play platformer fighting game featuring heroes from different universes


Casual online game in style of Bomberman featuring hamsters


Online mouse simulator featuring tons of unique challenges and game modes


Real-time military strategy with cartoon visual style

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Casual battle royale game with cartoon graphics

School of Dragons

Fantasy MMORPG in setting of "How to Train your Dragon" series

Mushroom Wars 2

A tower-defence MOBA game about mushroom wars

Spiral Knights

A free-to-play hack-and-slash cooperative adventure with cartoonish graphics


Dofus is a turn-based MMORPG with unique environment mechanics.


Wakfu is a turn-based open-world MMORPG with unique gameplay mechanics.


An upcoming creature-collecting game by Pearl Abyss


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More about MMO for Kids

MMOs for kids usually stand out with their cartoon-style graphics. It creates a positive atmosphere, and it's typically possible to run those games on slower PCs, so it makes them even more accessible for a younger audience. The majority of these games are aimed at the development of different subjects or skills, such as math, physics, writing, social abilities, and many others, where logic stands out the most, and there are thousands of different puzzles to solve.

This genre does not tolerate violence in any form; that's the reason why you can't find there things like blood or gore. Some games don't allow players to kill others; instead, the defeated opponent will be knocked out. Also, you can't find any sexual content neither in the game or via communication. Usually, there are various ways of communication available, such as voice-chat or text messages, and that allows kids to learn how to communicate with strangers online. Due to that reason, games for kids have much stricter moderation and built-in mature filters. Also, players can report others for abusing the communication systems. Some games do not even allow you to talk, and there are only standardized emotions to express your feelings.

Some MMO for Kids include parenting control functions to track every account online and prohibit children from playing more than a fixed amount of time. Such services can also control a summary of the player's achievements daily and other tweaking options. However, adults are not restricted from playing, but everyone must follow the rules; in this genre, they are very strict to protect the younger audience from possibly harmful influence.

Best MMO for Kids

  • Wizard101 is a collectable card MMO with a brightly coloured world which does not have any violence. The game is specially designed for a younger audience, and it features fun turn-based combat, magical school setting, and strict moderation of chats and nicknames.
  • Tree of Life is a survival sandbox MMO indie game with a dynamic living world. It allows you to build a massive settlement with friends, use the space for creativity, and its large and friendly community is always there to help.
  • Minecraft is a sandbox MMO with voxel graphics and diverse gameplay. It allows younger players to cooperate and survive, or choose any other game mode they enjoy. The game has hundreds of servers, and most of them are strictly moderated.