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MMOFPS combines the first-person shooters and MMO games. The gameplay of FPS games is concentrated on strategic planning and combat tactics. Their main feature is cooperation with other players, usually, you have to team up with three to six people in the squad; also, you're challenged to deal with your enemies in real-time combat, which requires you to think over the tactics quickly. All you need to succeed in this type of games is to concentrate and react quicker than other players because no in-game bonuses nor level of your character influences your play skills.


Post-apocalyptic survival MMOFPS featuring roleplaying elements

Titanfall 2

Multiplayer sci-fi shooter featuring playable mechs

Heroes and Generals

Hybrid multiplayer shooter with real-time military strategy elements


Extremely realistic hardore survival game in open world

Hell Let Loose

Realistic team-based shooter in setting of World War II


Indie hardcore shooter with realistic gameplay mechanics

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Hardcore multiplayer shooter set in the Middle East

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Realistic hardore MMOFPS in setting of the Vietnam War

Stay Out

Multiplayer role-playing game with shooter elements in post-apocalyptic setting

ShellShock Live

Multiplayer side-scroller action game with strategy elements and 2D graphics


Side-scroller shooter game with 2D pixel graphics


A side-scroller multiplayer shooter game with 2D graphics

Infestation: The New Z

A survival shooter with RPG elements in post-apocalyptic zombie setting

Black Squad

Military multiplayer shooter with a wide variety of gameplay modes

Post Scriptum

An authentic multiplayer shooter in setting of World War II


A post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter in sci-fi setting


A multiplayer shooter game with survival elements

Will to Live Online

Indie MMORPG-shooter in post-apocalyptic setting

Fistful of Frags

A western shooter game with diverse game modes


Experimental combination of MOBA and MMOFPS


Art for MMOFPS Games List

More About MMOFPS

The MMOFPS games are unique because it's a combination of genres used for their creation — a shooter and MMO. While usual single-player FPS projects provide an opportunity only to fight with computer-controlled enemies, MMOFPS offer you to experience fast-paced real-time combat with characters controlled by other people. Their gameplay is much more complicated and unpredictable than usual because actions of real players are not controlled by AI and not prescripted by game developers.

The gameplay of MMOFPS is concentrated on shooting so that these games have the most sophisticated shooting systems. The significant projects use the most realistic and complicated physics, which provides an opportunity to consider all features of real shooting, such as bullet deflection or effect of the wind speed on projectile wind. Even the smallest and simplest FPS have more or less realistic mechanics because it's the core feature of this genre. Moreover, these feature influences the competitive part of the gameplay, which means that your success depends only on your skills and efforts. Some shooter video games offer simplified mechanics and even auto-aiming feature, but it's scarce, especially for high-quality games.

Character Classes in MMOFPS

Usually, MMOFPS offer well-balanced class systems, which helps to divide players with different preferences into different classes. It makes the gameplay process much more complicated and immersive, and it encourages people to gather up and teams and work together to surpass the enemy. However, some MMOFPS aimed only on solo gameplay. These games use different mechanics. For example, they can have fast-speed character development which is starting over in every battle or even no levelling at all.

Multiplayer first-person shooters have the broadest range of weapons, tools and equipment items of all online videogames. Usually, MMOFPS projects feature a vast number of guns for each class. It's made to improve the gameplay for different roles and customize the pace and style of the combat. For example, healer classes have rather weak tools, which are enough only to shoots from enemies until reinforcements come. At the same time, stormtroopers have the most powerful guns, grenades and additional tools. Usually, video games in a realistic setting recreating the existing weapons of all countries and periods. At the same time, sci-fi games create unique guns, which are not similar to real ones.

Character Customization in MMOFPS

MMOFPS genre differs from usual shooters with several features; some of them are taken from RPGs and classic MMOGs — for example, these games usually feature character development system, which influences only on cosmetic functions or on skills and matchmaking. It means that you will play only with players experienced as much as you do. The decorative features of character development are influences on the appearance of your character, amount of skins and unique styles, which is accessible only for the longest playing people.

The more you develop your hero, the more unusual items you will receive, and other players will immediately see that you're an experienced and dedicated gamer. Sometimes developers of MMOFPS provide this type of players with an opportunity to get advanced weapons and equipment, which has slightly better characteristics than others. It's one of the mechanics which draws attention to the game and raise the activity of players.


  • Destiny 2 is one of the most famous and iconic games in the MMOFPS genre. It has lots of game modes, colossal open world with well-developed strategically complex maps, and sophisticated mechanics of combat and weapon customization. This game also combines FPS genre with MMORPG; it has picturesque, vivid graphics and detailed world. Moreover, Destiny 2 has dozens of quests and exciting plot.
  • Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is a post-apocalyptic MMOFPS with vast open world, immersive questline, well-balanced character development system and deep customization of weapons and equipment. It has both PvE and PvP zones, which you can play on solo or multiplayer mode.
  • World of Tanks is an MMOFPS in the genre of Tank simulator with unique gameplay, amazing well-balanced combat system, historically right models of vehicles and many game modes for all kinds of players. This game has the most significant active community all around the world.