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MMORPG From 2000

Fantasy Castle hall from MMORPG 2000

In 2000, online entertainment was minimal. However, some game development companies introduced a few projects that afterwards became worldwide famous and had millions of fans. The MMORPG from 2000 set up the core foundation of the genre, and every modern MMORPG is built on it. Classic graphics and hardcore gameplay are the distinctive features of these projects, and some of those games still have large communities that keep them alive up to this day.

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Fantasy Screenshot from old MMORPG 2000

At the same time, Sony's EverQuest is developing, the first three-dimensional RPG. She laid the fashion for classic fantasy worlds, showed what raids are. The story of the slaughter of the sleeping dragon entered the annals as the most gruelling and senseless duel in the history of online entertainment.

Allegiance - was also released In 2000 as a strategy with MMORPG elements. It was incomprehensible, confusing, but with a bunch of exciting mechanics unique in her kind. The hero took over the reins of the space fleet, and space was divided into systems. People had to seize these zones separately, fight with pirates, guard merchant ships. Unfortunately, due to miscalculations in the development, an incomprehensible interface and lack of training, the game failed, leaving the Microsoft publisher with a minimal amount of profit.