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MMORPG From 2002

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MMORPG Games from 2002 feature more expansion sets for already existing projects; some new games become massive in the genre community over the next few years too. These new projects feature fundamental MMORPG mechanics and classical mechanics for many successful games of the genre in the future. Classic graphics, along with unique settings, bring outstanding experience to its players, and hardcore difficulty of most aspects makes the games genuinely challenging and enjoyable for the gamers.

Asherons Call 2

The continuation of the fantasy MMORPG Asheron's Call

Shadow Worlds

Shadow Worlds is an old-school hardcore MMORPG in fantasy setting.

Final Fantasy 11

Final Fantasy 11 is a fantasy MMORPG series based off of the core Final Fantasy series.

Ragnarok Online

Beautiful isometric RPG with anime-inspired visual stylistic, developed by GRAVITY Co. in 2002.