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MMORPG Games For Couples

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Playing a colourful MMORPG together can be a bonding experience for those couples who enjoy a good game on both sides. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than sitting down for many hours on end playing a game, but too much time alone can make you forget to pay attention to you significant other. MMORPG Games for Couples can become the salvation for a long-time problem, as you can enjoy an immersive story alongside your partner. Some of the best MMORPGs in the world are designed to be experienced by more than one person.

Eudemons Online

Free-to-play old-school fantasy MMORPG featuring immersive PvP and seven playable classes

Cubic Castles

Casual-friendly indie MMO game with sandbox gameplay elements

Islet Online

Indie sandbox-style MMORPG game with cartoonish graphics

Titans of Time

Fantasy MMORPG featuring well-balanced class system and 3D graphics

Shakes and Fidget

Satire role-playing game in fantasy setting


An indie sandbox action RPG featuring the greatest diversity of activities

Jade Goddess

Asian-style fantasy MMORPG with highly dynamic automatic gameplay

Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a science fiction MMORPG developed by company Funcom.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG in setting of Elder Scrolls series.

Unlimited Ninja

Unlimited Ninja is a browser fighting MMO in setting of Naruto series.

My Soul

My Soul is a browser action MMORPG in setting of SoulCalibur.

Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a highly social MMORPG.

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is a fantasy MMORPG in Asian setting.

Astellia Online

An action MMORPG where you explore the world and collect unique battle pets.

Blood and Soul

Blood and Soul is a romantic fantasy MMORPG about war between Heaven and Hell.


Minecraft is a blocky 3D sandbox about crafting and exploring.

Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga is a free-to-play side-scrolling 3D anime MMORPG in fantasy dragon setting.

Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom is a free-to-play story-driven MMORPG in anime style with dynamic combat system.

Second Life

Second Life is an online virtual world that provides unique roleplaying opportunities.


NosTale is an action MMORPG in a fantasy setting with the anime-inspired visual style.


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More about MMORPG Games for Couples

Games have become such a common source of entertainment that you're most likely at some point going to date someone keen about games. These types of MMORPGs usually present colourful gameplay, aimed at conquering the trials together with your significant other. Most of the examples possess enormous amounts of tools to customize your character with a variety of sliders, colour choices, hairdos, makeup, etc. This is usually done so participants could associate themselves with their heroes, and it's necessary to make them look alike in the smallest of details. After all of the creation procedures, the couple can go on and choose the class they want to wield.

Many MMORPG Games for Couples provide almost unlimited opportunities in constructing the in-game relationship by using many romantic features. Some games allow to experience a range of unique emotions and actions for romance; for example, the characters can perform individual doings while interacting with each other. They can hug, kiss, dance together, hold hands, blow kisses, sit on the laps and so on. Many romantically-oriented MMORPGs feature weddings as a celebration that can be done in particular locations, on a select date and with inviting friends, as well as guild members and strangers. Attending and organizing the wedding can give achievements and special abilities to the married couple.

Best MMORPG Games for Couples

  • Astellia Online is an action MMORPG where you explore the world and collect unique battle pets. The romantic aspect of the game is very developed and offers a vast amount of possibilities.
  • Blood and Soul is a romantic fantasy MMORPG about the war between Heaven and Hell, where couples can experience the best of the game world by conquering it together.
  • Perfect World is a Chinese MMORPG with unique oriental visual style, where romance plays an essential role in the gameplay.