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MMORPG with Demons and Angels

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One of the most common and iconic plot cliches of all times revolves the story events around controversy between two direct opposites, which battle never ends — the forces of evil and forces of light. MMORPG with Demons and Angels use this concept to create the best RvR gameplay. These video games usually have an interesting plot, unique storylines for both sides of the controversy, and variable gameplay mechanics. Some of the projects with this conception also provide an opportunity to choose the neutral race, which not belongs to demons or angels, or even don't feature a possibility to join one of the sides.

Shakes and Fidget

Satire role-playing game in fantasy setting

Dragon Quest X

A tenth part of the fantasy JRPG series Dragon Quest

Raid: Shadow Legends

A 3D cross-platform turn-based browser MMORPG in fantasy setting

Blood and Soul

Blood and Soul is a romantic fantasy MMORPG about war between Heaven and Hell.


Closers is a MMORPG project with action combat, featuring the anime-inspired visual style.


SoulWorker is a free-to-play anime MMORPG with an action combat system based on skill combinations.


Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG based on Dungeons and Dragons setting.


A classic free-to play old-school MMORPG with a flexible system of classes.

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More About MMORPG with Demons and Angels

The battle between angels and demons is one of the oldest and well-balanced cliches, which is used in many projects. Usually, in most MMORPG with Demons and Angels, their controversy starts with the evil forces attacking a peaceful world or heaven creatures. These games provide an opportunity to join one of the sides of the rival during the gameplay, or by choosing the classes which belong to demons or angels.

Usually, MMORPG with Demons and Angels release class system as in usual RvR projects. It means that both sides have the same range of roles, but with unique features, appearances and gameplay styles. Usually, there can be even several races, both demonic and angelic. The story is different for all sides of the controversy: regardless of the chosen side of the conflict, you'll see only one point of view and storyline of the events. At the same time, sometimes you can play as a neutral hero.

Even though demons and angels are usually associated with Christian culture, it's not the most popular setting for video games. Instead of that, projects with this plot typically choose to create a new mythology for the universe of the game or use the mythical creatures from other cultures. Almost every MMORPG with Demons and Angels tend to bring something unique to the plot.

Best MMORPG with Demons and Angels

  • Aion divides players into two controversial factions, inspired by demons and angels. You can choose to create a character which belongs to the forces of evil or light, but different sides have different races and classes. This game also has a third neutral faction, which is not playable — most of the NPCs belong to it.
  • Diablo 3 has a deep plot which is based on the controversy between Heaven and Hell creatures. Your goal in this game is to defeat the demonic beings and save the world.
  • League of Angels is a browser MMORPG, where you can team up with the forces of light to fight demons.