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MMORPG with Dinosaurs

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One of the most frightening and dangerous creatures ever known by humans weren't created by minds of science-fiction or horror writers. A long time ago, Earth was populated with tremendous and powerful reptiles, which looked frighteningly and dominated all other kinds of animals — even the herbivorous representatives of their species. MMORPG with Dinosaurs provides an opportunity to see these incredible toothy giants, tame them or fight with them, and experience the most unusual gameplay.

Beasts of Bermuda

Hardcore survival game featuring dinosaurs and fierce prehistoric beasts

The Isle

Indie open-world survival MMO featuring dinosaurs


Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG based on Dungeons and Dragons setting.

World of Warcraft

One of the most famous and popular MMORPGs with an interesting plot and incredible world.

Guild Wars 2

A player-driven fantasy MMORPG with diverse gameplay and unique class system.

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More About MMORPG with Dinosaurs

MMORPG with Dinosaurs usually released in survival or sandbox setting, because one of the most breathtaking activities is combat with those powerful creatures. The most common way of realization of dinosaurs and other beasts from the prehistoric era is used as mobs and enemies. It's quite obvious because they were one of the scariest and most dangerous predators ever exist. Sometimes video games provide an opportunity to tame these beasts and use them in battle, or make them fight with each other on pet fights.

The pet battles are one of the most impressive features of MMORPG with Dinosaurs. If you can train tamed creatures, then you're also able to create unique skill builds for your beast, equip it with durable heavy armour and choose suitable opponents. The well-trained Dinosaurs can participate not only in specific combat modes but also in PvE missions, competitions and even PvP battles with other players. In some games, the battle beasts fight with other creatures automatically, but some of the developers provide an opportunity to control the pet's actions.

At the same time, some developers add not only battle monsters to their games. Many MMORPG with Dinosaurs provides an opportunity to use them only as usual pets, or even mounts. It's a very unusual but effective way to travel in video games. Also, if the project features farming or building, it often has the mechanics which use Dinosaurs to automate the farming routine and resource production.

Best MMORPG with Dinosaurs

  • ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival sandbox MMORPG, which concentrate the gameplay on the taming of dinosaurs.
  • Guild Wars 2 have Dinosaurs as mounts and pets. These creatures are quite widespread in the world of this game, especially raptors.
  • World of Warcraft has dozens of dinosaur species of all shapes and sizes, which can be surprising because of the setting and lore of this project. In this game, the saurian creatures can be used as pets or mounts.