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MMORPG with Full Loot

MMORPG with Full Loot Screen from Albion Online

The developers of hardcore MMORPG, by all means, try to complicate the life of their players. They use the most complex battle mechanics and add sophisticated features that will increase the complexity of the game. One of the most brutal inventions of these gloomy geniuses were Full Loot MMORPG, which often scare away casual players and beginners with this core feature. Its concept is that after death, the character loses all items and earn resources, which means that the development will have to start all over again - or at least recreate the equipment for your hero.

Asheron's Call

Old-school fantasy MMORPG with deep character development system


A voxel action MMORPG sandbox with light RPG elements

Gloria Victis

A MMORPG where you can explore the breathtaking atmospheric Medieval world.

Outlaws of the Old West

Outlaws of the Old West is an indie open-world survival MMO in Western setting.

Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria is an indie sandbox MMORPG in fantasy setting.

ReWorld Online

An isometric sandbox MMORPG with extensive world-building

Mortal Online

Mortal Online is a sandbox hardcore MMORPG.

Albion Online

Albion Online is a hardcore medieval sandbox MMORPG in the open world.


Multiplayer survival horror in the post-apocalyptic world, based on the famous mode for ARMA 2.


One of the oldest MMORPGs still available for play. Created by Cipsoft in 1997.


A colossal free-to-play MMORPG with a huge community. Developed by Jagex in 2001.

Life is Feudal: MMO

Hardcore medieval-style MMORPG from the creators of Life is Feudal: Your Own.

Albion Online - MMORPG with Full Loot

More About Full Loot MMORPG

Full Loot in MMORPG is not an isolated feature. The presence of this system in the game leads to many major changed in the gameplay and cooperation between players. First of all, it raises the level of complexity of the game, because players always have to be careful about their action. This style of gameplay keeps in suspense and makes you seriously approach the playthrough. It takes a lot of time to train all of the necessary skills and feel free to travel in the game world. Also, it challenges players to create the most efficient styles of gameplay, which will help to defend themselves against other players, defeat all the bosses, and not to lose their honestly acquired property. Still, at the same time, not to spend the whole game hiding in restricted areas with disabled PvP mode. It’s one of the most exciting elements of hardcore games because even if you lost all your items and lost in battle, it’s still your unique experience, which creates the unique path of your hero in the game.

Moreover, the Full Loot MMORPG have several significant differences with more casual-friendly projects. First of all, the influence on economics in these games is unique. In such games, any items are worth their price on the auction. The players are trying to develop all of the available artisan skills, such as blacksmithing, weaponsmithing, alchemy for potions, and other useful things because buying all over again every time you die is quite expensive.

Best Full Loot MMORPG

  • Albion Online is one of the most hardcore sandbox RPGs in the open world, featuring the medieval setting. It provides players with a dynamic and sophisticated combat system with the full loot feature.
  • Darkfall is a fantasy MMORPG with strategy elements, providing the full loot and combat-oriented on PvP mode with no restrictions.
  • Arcfall is a sandbox MMORPG, featuring the full loot system and complex combat mechanics.