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MMORPG with Player Housing System

Fantasy House for Category MMORPG with Player Housing System

If most of all in games you like to get together with friends and have parties, collect unusual items and have a convenient place for development and crafting, then your choice is MMO Games with Housing. In this type of games, you can get your own home, which can be a meeting place or work base.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

An indie sandbox MMORPG inspired by old-school games with survival mechanics

Cubic Castles

Casual-friendly indie MMO game with sandbox gameplay elements

Out of Reach

Indie open-world MMO game featuring elements of the survival in the wild

Islet Online

Indie sandbox-style MMORPG game with cartoonish graphics

Villagers and Heroes

Player-driven fantasy MMORPG featuring deep crafting system and character development


Free-to-Play fantasy MMORPG in anime style


Turn-based MMORPG with grid combat system


A free-to-play indie 8Bit MMORPG with sandbox gameplay

Therian Saga

Fantasy MMORPG oriented on character development and PvE content


An indie sandbox action RPG featuring the greatest diversity of activities

Ashes of Creation

A sandbox open-world player-driven MMORPG in fantasy setting

ArcheAge: Unchained

A buy-to-play version of ArcheAge with no pay-to-win content


A sandbox MMORPG with skill-based character development and vast open world


A voxel action MMORPG sandbox with light RPG elements


A multiplayer sci-fi survival sandbox game set in distant future


Dofus is a turn-based MMORPG with unique environment mechanics.


Wakfu is a turn-based open-world MMORPG with unique gameplay mechanics.

Gloria Victis

A MMORPG where you can explore the breathtaking atmospheric Medieval world.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG in setting of Elder Scrolls series.

Outlaws of the Old West

Outlaws of the Old West is an indie open-world survival MMO in Western setting.


Fantasy House with 2 game characters in MMORPG

More About MMORPG With Housing

Housing in MMO games can have two purposes. First of all, it can be used as a warehouse. The system of the housing allows players to collect items in one convenient place, to locate various objects - for example, furniture, objects collected during adventures, and workspaces used for professions. There are several different types of houses: in some games, this is a separate building, where you and other players can enter without using additional funds. In other games, this is a location or instance where you can teleport or enter using a specific item.

In some games, it is possible to build a house yourself, but in most MMORPG with Housing you have to buy one of the existing buildings Sometimes you will also be able to finish building rooms, change the appearance of the facade and the surrounding area. Also, you will be able to create furniture and decorations for the home by yourself, using specific crafting tables, or to buy something in the in-game store. Many items are used not only for decoration but also made for you to use them for different purposes. For example, you can put lighting devices, chairs and armchairs on which you can sit, craft stations, home goods and various items that open up new opportunities for playing your role.

In the territory adjacent to the house, you can install various useful objects and sources of resources. The MMORPG with Housing usually provides an opportunity to obtain a pond where you can fish, or arrange the garden and plant food or components for the professions, for example, different herbs for alchemy. Besides, houses can be used merely as a private place where you can spend time with your friends or get together with guild members to develop a plan to capture the territory or raid on the boss. Most games allow you to collect at home a different number of players, or even leave your partners to live there.

Best MMORPG With Housing

  • The Elder Scrolls Online has plenty of fancy little houses all around the world map. You can buy several of them or even redeem each one. The game also has a detailed interior editor and more than 2000 items of furniture to buy and craft.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic allows players to have a safe place based on their spaceship. On this vehicle, you can gather companions, store resources and travel through the universe.
  • Black Desert Online has advanced housing system. You can have a workbench at your place, decorate your home with various pieces of furniture and moreover.