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MMORPG with Knight Class

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For a long time, developers of videogames were experimenting with classes of characters and gameplay roles. As a result, they created the set of the most popular archetypes, which is used almost in every modern roleplaying projects. The MMORPG with Knight Class provides players with an opportunity to play the most well-balanced and swift melee archetype. Knights are masters of swordsmanship, who can equip durable heavy armour.

Dragon Lord

A fantasy MMO game with classic RPG gameplay, mixed with strategy mechanics

Titans of Time

Fantasy MMORPG featuring well-balanced class system and 3D graphics

Dragon Blood

Browser-based fantasy MMORPG with automatic combat system

Hero Siege

Hardcore hack-and-slash roguelike with pixel graphics

Shakes and Fidget

Satire role-playing game in fantasy setting

Asherons Call 2

The continuation of the fantasy MMORPG Asheron's Call

Forsaken World

Asian fantasy MMORPG in traditional Chinese setting

Drakensang Online

Fantasy hack-and-slash MMORPG with isometric graphics

Sandbox fantasy MMORPG with pixel graphics and deep character development

Jade Goddess

Asian-style fantasy MMORPG with highly dynamic automatic gameplay

Bless Unleashed

An open-world player-driven RvR MMORPG in fantasy setting

Project V4

A cross-platform Korean fantasy MMORPG developed by Nexon


A multiplayer dungeon crawler game involving three players into mysterious journey.

Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is a pixel MMORPG with hardcore diverse gameplay.

Spiral Knights

A free-to-play hack-and-slash cooperative adventure with cartoonish graphics

Phantasy Star Online 2

A PC version of one of the most famous Japanese action MMORPG

Blue Protocol

An action MMORPG in fantasy setting developed by Bandai Namco

Royal Quest

Royal Quest is an isometric MMORPG taking place in a fantasy world.

R2 Online

R2 Online is a Korean PvP-oriented MMORPG.

Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a highly social MMORPG.


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More About MMORPG with Knight Class

The Knight is the primary class, which is used for close melee combat. Characters of that class perform as the best Tanks and damage-dealers. They're not the most agile and fast, but their physical power allows them to be one of the mightiest classes in MMORPGs. These heroes equip heavy and durable armour, colossal weapons, tower shields and many additional defensive tools. At the same time, knights have high health and stamina rate, which helps them to absorb the most significant amount of the enemies' damage. These characters have almost no unusual features because the conception of this class contains only essential abilities of close-combat melee archetype.

The Knight Class is the exact opposite of the mage class: they can use no magic skills and abilities driven by divine power. Even if this class can learn some magical skills, they'll be extremely limited and weak. Instead of that, Knight heroes rely only on their physical powers and swordsmanship skills. However, this class can use not only swords but also various melee weapons: axes, lances, sometimes even bows or crossbows.

The MMORPG with Knight Class is usually released in fantasy or medieval setting. These honourable heroes perfectly fit into those settings, especially in dark-medieval one. It's one of the most common and widespread roles because it can work together with any other class and gameplay role, even with the ones based on the same archetype. It's also quite popular because Knight is one of the easiest gameplay roles, which is accessible even to the most casual players.

Best MMORPG with Knight Class

  • World of Warcraft has one of the most casual and well-balanced Knight roles. It provides players with an opportunity to choose between holy Paladin, furious Warrior and mysterious Death Knight.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online has a unique class called Dragonknight, which is specialized both on physical and magical skills.
  • Black Desert Online has a unique class called Dark Knight, which wields colossal two-handed swords and practices arcana arts.