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Romantic MMORPG with Marriage

Ingame Screenshot with Marriage in MMORPG Game

MMO games bring together people from all over the world, allowing everyone to make new friends and meet new people. Of course, as in real life, many acquaintances become only stronger and closer over time. Those who are lucky to find a soulmate can officially connect their characters using the unique feature, which exists only in MMORPG with Marriage.

Eudemons Online

Free-to-play old-school fantasy MMORPG featuring immersive PvP and seven playable classes


Free-to-Play fantasy MMORPG in anime style

Forsaken World

Asian fantasy MMORPG in traditional Chinese setting

Jade Goddess

Asian-style fantasy MMORPG with highly dynamic automatic gameplay

Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a science fiction MMORPG developed by company Funcom.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG in setting of Elder Scrolls series.

My Soul

My Soul is a browser action MMORPG in setting of SoulCalibur.

Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a highly social MMORPG.

Blood and Soul

Blood and Soul is a romantic fantasy MMORPG about war between Heaven and Hell.

Ragnarok Journey

Ragnarok Journey is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG.


FlyFF (Fly For Fun) is a Korean fantasy MMORPG.

Ultima Online

Ultima Online is one of the first popular fantasy MMORPGs.

Sword Art Online's Legend

Sword Art Online's Legend is a free-to-play anime MMORPG browser game.

Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga is a free-to-play side-scrolling 3D anime MMORPG in fantasy dragon setting.

Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom is a free-to-play story-driven MMORPG in anime style with dynamic combat system.

Second Life

Second Life is an online virtual world that provides unique roleplaying opportunities.


NosTale is an action MMORPG in a fantasy setting with the anime-inspired visual style.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a sci-fi MMORPG in setting of famous Star Wars universe.

Discworld MUD

Discworld MUD is a browser text-based online RPG in the setting of the Discworld.

Gemstone 4

GemStone 4 is one of the first and longest-running text-based online MMORPGs.


Romantic MMORPG with Marriage in Fantasy Setting

More About MMORPG with Marriage

Since the community of RPGs is quite large, many developers consider it necessary to add a wedding function to their game. Also, it's usually available when the game has a system of romance with NPCs. The Marriage system is often tied up with another social-based feature, player housing. In many MMORPG with Marriage, players will get special skills and stat bonuses after they get married. It might be a one-time gift, or a specific system of rewards, that can be obtained by completing different actions. First of all, there are only two types of marriage in the games: you can marry another player or NPC.

If you want to marry a player, you will have to buy a specific item or talk to special NPC. Usually, you can also make a wedding ceremony, buy unique outfits for your character and call your friends to visit the celebration. Some games even provide different types of weddings, that sometimes costs a lot of money in the game currency. After marriage, both players will get special status and bonuses, different for each RPG. However, sometimes the wedding in RPG it's more strategic decision than a part of the roleplay because of the numerous benefits, inaccessible for single players.

The games where you can marry an NPC usually provides the unique romance questline with your object of interest. In most games, your companions will give you different quests; choosing the right answer options in the dialogues and carrying out their request will raise their empathy level. Not every NPC can be attracted to the player. It's entirely more complicated than romance with other players, because you might fail your relationship with the non-playable character just by one wrong answer, and it can't be changed after you close the dialogue window.

In most MMORPG with Marriage, your NPC-partner will give you different gifts, useful items and additional bonuses. Sometimes the game offers an opportunity to buy a house and move there with your companion, whether it's another player or an NPC.

The Best MMORPG with Marriage

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic offers you to have a romantic relationship with one of your companions. The game provides an exciting storyline with every NPC, and you can take your partner to your spaceship.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online has one of the best marriage systems of all MMO games and the most valuable benefits for getting married. It gives considerable XP bonuses and unique status for your character.
  • Final Fantasy 14 is an MMO game with a sophisticated, customizable system of the wedding, with no gender-based restrictions. You can choose a ceremony type and call your friends to celebrate. After you get married, you will receive many cosmetic rewards and even unique two-seated mount.