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One of the most exotic and unusual classes are monks. These characters fight unarmored with no weapon, but their physical power is exceptionally high. They're talented adepts of martial arts of all kinds. The MMORPG with Monk Class use the archetype of the cleric, but with different gameplay mechanics; they both can use magic spells, mantras and different magic-like abilities, but different forces feed these skills.

Dragon Ball Z Online

Dragon Ball Z Online is a browser MMORPG in the universe of famous anime series.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an indie fantasy MMORPG.

Dungeons & Dragons Online

A hardcore roleplaying MMO in D&D fantasy setting.


NosTale is an action MMORPG in a fantasy setting with the anime-inspired visual style.


Skyforge is a dynamic action-MMORPG, made in the style of techno-fantasy.

AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest Worlds is a browser MMORPG, developed by Artix Entertainment in 2008.

Final Fantasy 11

Final Fantasy 11 is a fantasy MMORPG series based off of the core Final Fantasy series.

World of Warcraft

One of the most famous and popular MMORPGs with an interesting plot and incredible world.

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More About MMORPG with Monk Class

Monks are one of the most unusual classes: first of all, they use no equipment and usual weapons. Instead of that, they dedicate their lives to martial arts and strength training. They also practice different magical skills and cast spells, but they feed their power with forces of another kind. Using these abilities, monks can buff their teammates and increase their stats. Usually, monks are the most suitable for close melee combat. In several games, they can equip the wrist weapons, such as brass knuckles, and very rare monks can equip usual bladed melee weapons. Usually, the attacks of unarmed monks are the same dangerous as if they wield arms. The preferred equipment for this class is a set of the lightest cloth armour, which allows them to fight with the highest pace and agility.

In most MMORPG with Monk Class, these characters perform the best as Damage-dealers. They have high damage rate, fast speed of movement and fantastic agility; also, monks can be good Tanks at PvE combat, because they have high health and stamina. At the same time, these heroes have excellent buffing and healing spells, which provides an opportunity to take the role of hybrid support. As for PvP combat, monks are complex, but powerful class: of you know your character and all gameplay mechanics, you can easily dodge from the enemy attacks and strike the foes at the right moment. The success of the battle depends more on the players' skills than on the balance of classes and abilities of the hero.

Best MMORPG with Monk Class

  • World of Warcraft has casual Monk Class, which fights bare-handed. These heroes use weapons only for the most powerful strikes.
  • Diablo 3 has one of the most famous Monk classes, which is both good at combat and buffing. These characters can use numerous powerful spells to increase their stats and improve the abilities of their teammates.
  • Ragnarok Online provides an opportunity to choose Monk as one of the subclasses of the Acolyte class. In this MMORPG, they perform the best both as damage-dealers and tank heroes because of their strength.