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MMORPG with Open Skill System

Screen from Eternal Magic MMORPG with Open Skill System

Most of the modern online games have different systems of character abilities and development because developers are trying to create the most outstanding and immersive gameplay that will attract players' attention. At the moment, there are several classic systems of developing of the abilities, and one of the most unusual and flexible ones can be seen in MMORPG with Open Skill System.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

An indie sandbox MMORPG inspired by old-school games with survival mechanics

Dragon Lord

A fantasy MMO game with classic RPG gameplay, mixed with strategy mechanics

Out of Reach

Indie open-world MMO game featuring elements of the survival in the wild

Beasts of Bermuda

Hardcore survival game featuring dinosaurs and fierce prehistoric beasts

Next Day: Survival

Survival MMO game in post-apocalyptic setting featuring roleplaying elements

Citadel: Forged with Fire

Sandbox fantasy MMORPG with survival elements


Survival multiplayer game in the pirate setting

Asheron's Call

Old-school fantasy MMORPG with deep character development system

Dark and Light

An early acces fantasy game with large open world and deep system of character development

Therian Saga

Fantasy MMORPG oriented on character development and PvE content


An indie sandbox action RPG featuring the greatest diversity of activities

ArcheAge: Unchained

A buy-to-play version of ArcheAge with no pay-to-win content


A dark sci-fi MMOFPS featuring unique combat mechanics and RPG elements


A sandbox MMORPG with skill-based character development and vast open world


A multiplayer sci-fi survival sandbox game set in distant future

Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a science fiction MMORPG developed by company Funcom.

Gloria Victis

A MMORPG where you can explore the breathtaking atmospheric Medieval world.

Mortal Online 2

A sequel of immersive hardcore open-world sandbox MMORPG

Camelot Unchained

An upcoming indie MMORPG inspired by Dark Age of Camelot

Population Zero

Population Zero is a survival sandbox MMO with RPG mechanics.


5 characters from MMORPG with Open Skill System

More About MMORPG With Open Skill System

The players always need to somehow interact with the surrounding of the game world; without it, the computer games will have no dynamic and challenging part. When a character does not obtain new abilities through the levelling, or when each player has the same gameplay regardless of the performer actions, the game becomes too boring. Developers are solving this problem by adding a system of abilities. It can be released in the form of classes, where each role has strict rules and gameplay patterns, or in from of the open skill system. It's a sophisticated and flexible way of character development, where players can choose different abilities with no limits.

Usually, in MMORPG with Open Skill System players still can follow the classic role archetypes. For example, some players pick only defensive and damage skills to play the 'tank' role; even though the character can have additional abilities that have nothing in common with the chosen role. This system is also the best choice for players who like to play hybrid roles and experiment with the gameplay.

In some games, there is even no classic for RPG skill trees. Instead of that, players have a numerous amount of entirely different skills, such as cooking, fishing, dancing, shooting and moreover. Usually, when developers use this type of system, the levelling is quite complicated too. Often the skill level only can be increased if you use the ability more often than other ones. It means that you can't earn enough 'skill points' on the simple skills and spend it on levelling of more valuable ones — you should train exactly those skills that you want.

Best MMORPG with Open Skill System

  • Mabinogi has a sophisticated skill system, full of unique features. In this MMORPG, you can train completely different abilities, such as cooking, dancing, or singing; also, the game provides an opportunity to train all of them at the same time.
  • RuneScape provides players with classic archetypes of Warrior, Mage, and Ranger; however, players can train a hybrid class hero.
  • Ryzom has a unique system of occupations. Players can choose up to three professions and customize their skills.