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MMORPG with Vampires and Werewolves

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The people always was interested in exciting stories about incredible and frightening creatures. One of the most popular mythic creatures is a ghoul, usually a human-like beast with pale skin, sharp fangs and extreme photophobia. If you want to join a mystic race of mythical gothic characters or fight with those dangerous creatures to save the defenceless civilians, you should play one of the MMORPG with Vampires and Werewolves. Regardless of the chosen style of realization, all vampire heroes usually have the same features and abilities.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG in setting of Elder Scrolls series.

Darkfall: Rise of Agon

Darkfall: Rise of Agon is a hardcore old-school style MMORPG.

Dungeons & Dragons Online

A hardcore roleplaying MMO in D&D fantasy setting.

Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot is one of the pioneers in the genre of RvR games.

Second Life

Second Life is an online virtual world that provides unique roleplaying opportunities.

Realms of Despair

Realms of Despair is an active classic text-based MMORPG, developed by Derek Snider in 1994.


DragonRealms is one of the oldest and still most popular MUD RPGs in fantasy setting.

World of Warcraft

One of the most famous and popular MMORPGs with an interesting plot and incredible world.

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More About MMORPG with Vampires and Werewolves

First of all, many MMORPG with Vampires release this feature in different ways. It can be a race of the hero, a class, or a function that can be acquired during the game. Depending on that, the abilities, lore and appearance of the vampiric heroes change dramatically.

If you can choose the vampire race in MMORPG, then usually it has a unique set of appearance features. For example, heroes with vampiric abilities will have the palest skin, red eyes, long and sharp fangs, and other traits that make them look like a person with serious illness. It differs them from other races and gives additional space for the customization. Also, these heroes will have special abilities or stat bonuses because of their race.

Another type of MMORPG with Vampires provides players with a vampire class. It means that heroes will have one of the lore races, but with vampiric skills. The class feature rarely influences the appearance, so that you will have only the abilities of the Vampire and some exclusive stat bonuses.

Finally, the third type is the Vampire class in MMORPG that is released as a disease or sub professions, available for all heroes regardless of the chosen specialization. With this type of the vampirism, players will have the most significant benefits: they can choose a unique race, a suitable class for their style of gameplay, and after that receive a specific appearance and stat bonuses of the Vampire hero.

Best MMORPG with Vampires and Werewolves

  • The Elder Scrolls Online has one of the most flexible and advanced vampirism systems. Each hero, regardless of chosen class and race, can become a vampire with unique abilities and appearance. Along with the skill improvements, characters with this feature also obtain flaws, such as fear of the fire.
  • AdventureQuest Worlds has a special vampire class, available for all heroes. It has unique equipment and classic vampiric skills.
  • Dark Age of Camelot has a vampire class with unusual gameplay and lots of unique skills.