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MMORTS Games From 2019

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MMORTS Games from 2019 offer its players various environments to create and fortify their settlements. These projects allow you to shape the landscape to create a unique natural environment for your colony, and you also can choose one of the multiple ways of technological development. The interaction with other players is crucial to survive and create powerful alliances; however, you are free to perform any hostile actions towards them at any time. In-depth customization allows you to create a genuinely unique empire.

War Selection

Online real-time strategy game in setting of different historical eras

Hades’ Star

An online strategy game in Sci-Fi space setting

Minion Masters

Minion Masters is a MMORTS with combat system based on TCG mechanics.

Steel Division 2

Steel Division 2 is a historically accurate MMORTS about the events of WWII on the Eastern front.

Kingdom Under Fire 2

A real-time client strategy with elements of MMORPG

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More about MMORTS Games from 2019

MMORTS Games from 2019 represent a mix of real-time strategy games with massively multiplayer online games. A large number of players explore and build their colonies in various environments, such as space, medieval and modern eras, post-apocalyptic worlds and others. Players may interact with each other, and there are various in-game valuables they can trade or steal from one another.

The in-game currency used to build up a base and to purchase various units. You begin the gameplay building the starting structures, and gathering resources allow you to upgrade them. After that, several new upgraded buildings become available, and that increases the overall power of your settlement. You may train a specific number of units because you need to produce enough food for them; however, some projects may have different rules for that aspect.

Multiplayer in MMORTS Games from 2019 allows you to interact with other players regularly. You may establish a trade route to receive more of the in-game currency, or you may find an ally to protect each other. Players are free to declare war and go to conquer other civilizations; however, it may be risky, and another enemy may attack your base at that inconvenient time.

MMORTS Games from 2019 are suitable both for casual and hardcore players, and a wide range of mechanics offer diverse gameplay to satisfy the needs of most gamers. The massive community continuously grows and brings more and more new players into the game.

Best MMORTS Games from 2019

  • Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest is an MMORTS game in Warhammer Fantasy setting, where players explore a massive world to build their colonies, conquer other players’ bases and gather powerful artefacts.
  • Starfall Online is an MMORTS game that offers both tactical battles and detailed customization. You may choose one out of three factions to join and compete with other players is a massive universe.
  • Shogun’s Empire: Hex Commander is an MMORTS game where players take control over a Japanese clan in medieval times, and they have to develop the economy, technology and other aspects to take over the whole country.