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MMORTS Games From 2020

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MMORTS Games from 2020 focus on the creation of massive worlds that can be inhabited by a large number of players. Sophisticated terraforming mechanics and in-depth customization allow the players to create unique colonies and worlds for others to explore. Various interactions between players make the in-game universes develop themselves further, therefore offering a new unique experience to all the participants regularly. Every action affects the online world in its unique way, as well as it does with the player-driven economy.

Primordials of Amyrion

Primordials of Amyrion is an indie fantasy strategy with MOBA elements


DwarfHeim is an upcoming fantasy MMORTS with an emphasis on teamwork.

World Of Conquerors - Origins

World Of Conquerors - Origins is a fantasy free-to-play MMORTS.

Starfall Online

Starfall Online is a MMORTS where you build your own space fleet.

RAM Pressure

A tactical story-driven FPS with turn-based combat and setting of hard science fiction

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More about MMORTS Games from 2020

MMORTS Games from 2020 allow the players to create their settlements and develop them further to become a powerful force that may affect the entire online world. You need to accumulate resources to upgrade the buildings and purchase new units. That way, you can unlock other features, and most projects allow you to customize the visual outlook of some objects.

Interaction with other players is a crucial part of the gameplay, and there is a wide variety of possible options. You may ally with other players to protect each other and your valuables, you may set up trade routes to improve the economy. You can perform hostile actions towards them to prevent their rapid development and to acquire valuable resources and artefacts. Most activities affect the global in-game economy as well as the experience of each player in the game.

MMORTS Games from 2020 allow you to choose one of the multiple development strategies, and that offers flexibility for both casual and hardcore gamers to satisfy their needs. The massive community regularly grows, and the developers continuously update the game with new features and in-game mechanics. Players use various customization tools to create unique independent worlds for themselves.

Best MMORTS Games from 2020

  • Earthbreakers is a team-based MMORTS with elements of the first-person shooter. You need to gather resources, develop your base, customize it and battle against other groups of players.
  • World of Conquerors – Origins is an MMORTS based in the medieval era, and it allows the players to participate in various activities, such as besieging enemy castles, uniting with other kingdoms, ruling the armies and many more.
  • Starfall Online is an MMORTS that allows the players to join one out of three massive space forces, develop their colonies and battle against other factions. Set of customization tools allows creating a unique outlook for each spaceship to show off your fleet to others.