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MOBA Games From 2018

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MOBA Games of 2018 feature flexible gameplay in team-based player-versus-player game modes. You may choose from a wide range of available characters which have different abilities and playstyles. Throughout the game, you may customize them even further by levelling up and purchasing various upgrades with the in-game currency, which you can obtain by achieving the in-game goals. Both teams have the ultimate goal to accomplish before the opponents do the same. That decides the winner of each match.


Free-to-play team-based MOBA game in Fantasy setting

Techwars: Global Conflict

A post-apocalyptic sci-fi action with mechs

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Hack-and-slash MOBA game in Fantasy setting

Heavy Metal Machines

A racing MOBA game in postapocalyptic setting


Experimental combination of MOBA and MMOFPS


A magic MOBA game with wizards

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More about MOBA Games of 2018

MOBA Games of 2018 focus on team-based matches where both teams have an ultimate goal, usually, to destroy the enemies’ base. Whoever does it first become the winner. Both sides involve several players, and they may select different types of characters with different playstyles and interactions between each other. You need to prevent the enemies from achieving the objective and complete your own goal at the same time.

Players are allowed to die during the game, and they need to wait a specific amount of time to be respawned. Whenever you die, the nearby opponents receive the in-game currency and experience, and every kill is valuable and increases the overall power of the teams. Experience allows you to level up or acquire the boost of attributes, and the in-game currency is used to buy various items that increase different characteristic and provide various character-specific bonuses.

MOBA Games of 2018 features different types of playable characters, and they may take on different roles. Support characters focus on saving their teammates, Gankers roam around the map to prevent the enemies from getting experience and money and Carry concentrate on improving their attributes to pressure the opponents. Some of the games of the genre do not have a strict separation of the characters between classes, and other project force players to choose a specific role for the match.

Best MOBA Games of 2018

  • AirMech Strike is a MOBA game in a futuristic setting. You may choose one of the transforming robots with unique abilities and strategies. The games are fast-paced and full of action, and various control methods are supported.
  • Iron League is a MOBA game that features multiple game modes. A wide range of available characters features different playstyles and upgrades to customize every match.
  • The Great Hero is a cross-platform MOBA that features a wide range of available characters with unique abilities. The ultimate goal is to destroy the opponents’ base, and various hero upgrades help the players to achieve it.