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MOBA Games From 2020

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MOBA Games of 2020 feature a wide variety of available game modes along with diverse characters and customizable abilities. The core objective is always related to player-versus-player battles, and you need to be able to outplay your opponents at all times. Dynamic real-time combat and strategic approach make every match a unique experience for the participants. Various systems allow you to progress your account and stimulate to try new builds and game modes to improve the experience even further.

Blood of Steel

Hardcore MOBA game in medieval fantasy setting

Forging Glory

A looter brawler game with deep customization


A Viking battle royale game with RPG elements

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More about MOBA Games of 2020

MOBA Games of 2020 revolve around the players fighting each other using different characters and strategies to reach the ultimate goal of each match. It can be the number of kills, capturing a few bases or the classic version of destroying the main building at the enemy base. Player-versus-player combat is the core mechanics, and diverse environment along with unique abilities create endless opportunities for the players every match.

MOBA Games of 2020 feature a wide range of available characters of different sizes and usability. Players may select only one for each game, and they have a standard set of abilities that may be customized via skill trees and character development. You may purchase in-game items to boost the attributes and affect various effects to increase the overall power of the team. However, specific limitations do not allow the players to become overpowered. Inventory allows you to carry a particular number of items, and most of the MOBAs have a level cap.

MOBA Games of 2020 have different game modes with different objectives. In some of them, you may respawn after death; however, every time you die, you reward the enemies with experience and the in-game currency, which make them much more powerful. Other game modes may not have a respawn, such as team elimination or deathmatch. The genre fits both casual and hardcore players because of its flexibility and dynamic gameplay, these games do not require you to continuously play the game to reach the power level of the best players, and each match is a new beginning.

Best MOBA Games of 2020

  • MINImax Tinyverse is an indie MOBA that features dynamic and short matches for the players. You may select a character, customize it and develop it during the game to become a god and turn the tide of the battle.
  • Extraordinary Ones is an anime-inspired MOBA that features a traditional game mode of the genre and a wide range of available characters with unique abilities and possible customizations.
  • Dream of Three Kingdoms 2 is a MOBA with various additional role-playing aspects that feature a wide range of available maps inspired by Chinese cultural background. Different game modes also add more depth to the gameplay.