ODIN: Valhalla Rising Fantasy MMORPG Lionheart Studio Kakao Games Release in 2021
New gameplay videos of MMORPG ODIN: Valhalla Rising

New gameplay videos shows the game world, mounts, and boss fights

World of Tanks Consoles PS5 PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X Xbox S Release
World of Tanks is now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

The game is available for free on all next-generation consoles

Total War Warhammer 2 The Twisted & The Twilight Expansion 2020
Total War: Warhammer II will receive a DLC in December

The Twisted & The Twilight expansion will be released on December 3rd, 2020

Elite Dangerous Free Event Epic Games Store November 2020
Elite Dangerous is free to play in Epic Games Store now

It's possible to get the game for free until November 26th

Synced: Off-Planet Closed Testing and Release 2020
The final development stage of Synced: Off-Planet has started

The developers confirmed succesful closed tests and upcoming release of the project

Atlas Rogues Roguelike Indie Game Early Access Release
Rogue-like game Atlas Rogues is now available in early access

The release date of the game is not revealed yet, but it's already possible to try the gameplay

PUBG 9.2 Update Release Dirt Bike Motorcycle Vehicle
The PC version of PUBG received an update 9.2

The lattest update for PUBG added a new vehicle and weapon rebalance

A:IR Elyon Craft System Video Kakao Games 2020
The developers of Elyon shared the new training video

The latest video published by Kakao Games highlights the craft system

Blood Bowl 3 Fantasy American Footbal Simulator Release Date 2021
Closed beta testing of Blood Bowl 3 will start in 2021

Beta of Blood Bowl 3 will be available for all players who pre-purchased the board version of the game

Gran Saga Closed Beta Gameplay 2020
Developers of MMORPG Gran Saga shared new gameplay videos

Check out the gameplay for different characters and new game modes

The Immortal Mystics Release Date Spring 2021
The Immortal Mystics will be released in spring of 2021

The upcoming MOBA game from Mindiff Studio will be released next year

War Thunder New Power Update 2020
War Thunder has received the New Power update

The New Power update has improved the visual style and gameplay of War Thunder

Ember Sword Indie Fantasy Blockchain MMORPG
Developers revealed the first gameplay of MMORPG Ember Sword

The developers of cross-platform fantasy MMORPG Ember Sword showed movement around the world, combat system, quests, fishing, woodworking, mining, inventory and sale of goods. The upcoming MMO is an isometric RPG with sandbox elements, where players can explore a large world, participate in the simple and interesting story and hack and slash combat system with cute cartoon graphics.

Kingshunt Alpha Testing Stage 2020
Alpha Testing Stage of Third-person MOBA Kingshunt will start this month

You can pre-register for testing on the official website of this game

Unreconciled Stars Genshin Impact November 16th 2020 Get Fischl for Free
Get the most popular hero of Genshin Impact for free in Unreconciled Stars event

Unreconciled Stars event will start in Genshin Impact on November 16th

Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Update December 2020
Fallout 76 will receive a new update "Steel Dawn" next month

The Brotherhood of Steel-themed update will be released on December 1st

Bless Unleashed PC CBT 2021
Developers of Bless Unleashed revealed the next CBT date

The next closed beta testing of the project will start in January 2021

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Expansion Release 2020
Destiny 2 received a new expansion "Beyond Light"

The game will receive an optimized version for next-generation consoles on December 8th

Borderlands 3 Designers Cut Expansion Release 2020
Shooter-looter Borderlands 3 has received a new DLC "Designer's Cut"

The cooperative first-person looter-shooter Borderlands 3 received the new expansion "Designer's Cut". It's available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, and on November 12 it will also appear on PlayStation 5.

The add-on has added new skill trees for each Vault Hunter, which offer active and passive skills that change the gameplay for the characters of the series. Also, the game received a new Rogue-like game mode. In this mode, players will have to develop the hero each time from scratch, choosing random equipment and weapons.

Enlisted Closed Beta Test 2020
The closed beta test of Enlisted started on PC and Xbox

Closed beta testing of the game is available for owners of the Founder's Pack