Closers Transfer to 64-bit Client & Mirae Reaper Release
Closers will transfer to a 64-bit client with the next update

The game will also receive a new playable character called Mirae

Mad World Browser Based MMORPG Skill System
Mad World will have a talent tree with 758 perks

Most likely, the skill system will be improved and expanded further

Torchlight 3 Release on PC and other platforms October 2020
Torchlight III will leave early access in October

The game will be available on all platforms with new content

A3: Still Alive Pre-Registration Open September 2020
Pre-registration for MMORPG A3: Still Alive is open now

Mobile fantasy MMORPG A3: Still Alive is about to be released for the global market, and you can already pre-register on the official website. The pre-registration will allow you to receive an award depending on the number of registered users. Unfortunately, developers of A3: Still Alive still haven't announced the global release date yet.

Ba-ri and Heilang Update September 2020
Shadow Arena has received a new playable hero

The new hero Ba-ri fights only with her loyal Black Lion Heilang

RuneScape Steam 14th October Release 2020
Fantasy MMORPG RuneScape will appear in Steam

The game will be available for free since 14th October

Amusement Park Update Crossout
Crossout received an Amusement Park update

You can now build the polygon and other new buildings in Crossout

Last Oasis Panda Walker Trailer Screenshot
New walker in Last Oasis can transport other vehicles

Donkey Crew has announced the installation of a fresh update to the servers of the multiplayer survival game Last Oasis.

Patch has added a new Panda walker, which is designed to transport other walkers in its assembled form. In total, up to 5 modes of transport can be moved in this way. It will take quite a while to get and install the other walkers, so it will be challenging to use this type of vehicle to storm.

No Man's Sky Origins Update 2020
A major Origins update added a lot of new content in No Man's Sky

Hello Games continues to add regular updates to No Man's Sky. The latest patch 3.0 "Origins" has added a lot of new content to the game, including millions of new planets in existing solar systems.

The appearance of No Man's Sky has been visibly transformed. Double and triple stars have been added to the game, creating beautiful patterns in the sky. Mountains, clouds and weather conditions have also become more impressive and diverse. Swamps and swamps covered with mist and glowing mushrooms have formed in some locations.

Bless Unleashed PS4 Release October 8th
Bless Unleashed will be released on PS4 with the next update

The game will be released on PS4 on October 8th

Squad Full Release and Update 1.0 2020
Team-based shooter Squad has left the Early Access

Squad goes into the full release after 5 years in Early Access

Rogue Company Lockdown Map Gameplay Trailer Screenshot
The new map at Rogue Company takes players to the Venezuelan prison

The latest update has also implemented many new features including custom matches

KurtzPel Lightning Fang Karma
The 6th season has strarted in KurtzPel

The latest update has also added a new deck system

Valorant Nickname Ban Feature
Nicknames violating rules of Valorant will be forcibly changed

Riot Games announced new feature which will regulate the nicknames of players

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Mobile MMORPG by Ghibli Studio
Pre-registration for Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is Open Now

More information about MMORPG in Studio Ghibli stule will be revealed at TGS 2020

Temtem Update 0.6.9 Housing & Two New Zones
Temtem received a housing system

The latest update added the housing system and two new zones in Temtem

Soldat 2 Indie 2.5D MMOFPS Game Released in Early Access 22nd September
Soldat 2 Is Out in Early Access Now

The game is available for purchase in Steam

SoulWorker Academia Mobile Action MMORPG First Gameplay
First gameplay of Soul Worker Academia from CBT

The CBT of the new mobile MMORPG will last until the 26th of September

Elder Scrolls Online Free-to-Play Markarth DLC
The prologue of the Markarth Expansion for ESO is free-to-play

The prologue of the latest expansion for Elder Scrolls Online is free for all owners of the game

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Tokyo Game Show 2020
The new gameplay of PSO2: New Genesis will be revealed this week

Watch the Tokyo Game Show 2020 on 25th September to get the news about the game first