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Many gamers prefer to choose to play only projects with specific requirements. Usually, most of them are casuals who work a full-time job and don't have any spare time to spend on games with other people. The unusual genre of Offline MOBA Games may help these gamers to experience dynamic strategic battles because it allows them to compete with other players without communicating and fighting in real-time. Although offline MOBA sounds very self-contradicting, there is a place for it, and these kinds of projects can find their player.

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The offline aspect doesn't mean that you can fight against other players without connecting to the internet, most of the time it means that the game appears as an online battle arena but with an opportunity to play offline, against bot characters. Overall, the mechanics are pretty much the same as in other MOBAs. Each team have to choose their champions (not in the case of playing as a random character, though), level them up by killing creep bots and other heroes while collecting various items that help to better their skills and statistics.

Eliminating the enemy defence towers and the main base is the essential part of the game match. There are classical three lanes that are swarmed by minions, and the characters move around them while building up the strategy for their victory. Players have to move and regroup all the time to be active on the battlefield. In offline mode, team communication becomes unnecessary, but there might be a group of people who find it unappealing from the start.

The skill system is usually similar to many other projects. Offline MOBA Games developers provide a wide range of unique characters that possess various sets of abilities. There are damage dealers who are mostly good at attacking and rushing the lanes, defensive ones who do tank and defending the towers, and support classes that focus on healing the offensive characters on the battlefield. All of the champion's skills get put on cooldown after use, that creates a balance between forces. Levelling your character provides a place in a ranking table among all of the other worldwide players. Levelling up will not bring any new game mechanics, but it might allow getting some amounts of in-game currency and achievement earned. However, the level of the player doesn't determine their chances of victory, as it is only statistics that reflect the experience. The game mechanics are skill-based and balanced.

Best Offline MOBA Games

  • Demigod is a single-player offline game with MOBA mechanics. This game also features role-playing elements and character development.
  • Golem Gates is a card game with RTS mechanics and strategical MOBA gameplay.
  • Iron League is an indie MOBA game with various modes including offline battles.