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Post Apocalyptic Browser Games

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One of the most specific and mysterious settings rightfully belongs to Post Apocalyptic Browser Games. The humankind mystifies the concept of its death since the beginning of the human story. During this time, we have accumulated a lot of doomsday scenarios. Some of them already seem ridiculous and don't scare even children, but others are still making the goosebumps. If you always wanted to try your luck and find out if you're able to survive after the apocalypse, then you will enjoy the browser game of this genre.

Mad World

Browser-based MMORPG in dark fantasy setting


UrbanDead is a text-based browser MMORPG in post-apocalyptic setting.

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More About Post Apocalyptic Browser Games

Nowadays, when it seems that humanity has nothing more to scare, there are still many developers who create the Post Apocalyptic Browser Games. They use many completely different concepts and ideas in their games. For example, there are not only a standard nuclear war plot, which does not seem impossible but also many extravagant ideas — from the rebellion of AI and cyborgs to alien attack. One of the most popular genres is zombie or virus apocalypse; moreover, very often the catastrophe is caused not by the plans of an evil genius, but by the incompetence of scientists, or even because of an accident.

Very often the plot of the browser games in the post-apocalyptic setting is built on two cliches. They all aimed to the rebirth of the humankind, but you need to either restore humanity from what it is now or return everything as it was before the apocalypse.

Very often, the Post Apocalyptic Browser Games are released in the sandbox survival genre. It allows developers to explain where did most of the humanity go, why does the game have a vast open-world without any rules and laws, and add the presence of a constant threat to the surviving people. Typically, these games are focused on PvP gameplay and provide players with colossal scope for creating unique weapons and building secured bases. Insecurity from the actions of other people continually challenges and forces players to improve their survival skills as quickly as possible. At the same time, it makes people unite and fight on the one side because it's much harder to survive alone in a world full of enemies.

Best Post Apocalyptic Browser Games

  • Urban Dead is a zombie-themed survival text game, where you can play as a survivor or as infected.
  • Dying Horizon is a post-apocalyptic survival game, with several exclusive features and turn-based gameplay.
  • Afterwar is a post-apocalyptic game in the setting of after-nuclear war. It has an unlimited map, many locations to explore, and sophisticated survival system.