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Retro Video Games for PC

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Retro Video Games feature various old school projects that have simplified graphics and gameplay mechanics; however, most of these games feature the basics of the subgenre, and large communities keep the projects alive for years. Custom modifications allow the players to add more content for everyone, and various games also offer randomly-generated levels for the players to explore. Players can run these games on most devices because they were released years ago and do not require a lot of resources.

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura is a role-playing game developed by Troika Games and published by Sierra On-Line in 2001. The game takes place in a Victorian-era world where magic and technology coexist and the player assumes the role of a customizable character who must navigate various quests and challenges.
Dungeon Lords

Classic third-person roleplaying game set in the fantasy universe

Tales of Vesperia

Classic adventure Japanese Action RPG game set in the fantasy anime universe

Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia is an atmospheric Japanese RPG game made in anime-inspired style

Devil May Cry 4

Hack-and-slash action adventure game with intense and hardcore combat system

Devil May Cry 2

Continuation of the hack-and-slash action shooter game series Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry

First part of the famous hack and slash video game series Devil May Cry

Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships

A pirate-themeted action RPG game developed by Akella

Gothic 3

Third part of the famous open-world CRPG in the unique dark fantasy setting

Gothic 2

A continuation of the classic third-person RPG in dark fantasy setting


The first game in the famous series of third-person ARPG in dark fantasy setting


Classic isometric action/RPG that has started the genre of Diablo-like games

Divine Divinity

The first instalment in the Divinity series developed by Larian Studios

Fable 3

An open world Action / RPG fantasy game with a deep storyline and non-linear gameplay


An open-world fantasy action RPG with unique karma mechanics

Titan Quest

Classic action RPG based on Ancient Greece and Egypt mythology


Third-person fantasy roleplaying game inspired by dark fantasy RPG Gothic

The Elder Scrolls: Arena

The Elder Scrolls: Arena is a first game in series of famous fantasy action RPG TES.

The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall

The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall is a second open-world action RPG in TES series.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is the first 3D game in famous series of fantasy role-playing games.


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More about Retro Video Games

Retro Video Games mostly consist of projects that were released years ago; however, a lot of players still enjoy them and bring new players to the community regularly. In some games, there are various multiplayer modes to explore online, and that adds more depth into the gameplay as well. Most of these games add specific features that become core aspects for all the following projects. The players may experience these aspects without various modern additions and is another reason for Retro Video Games to be successful years after the release.

Retro Video Games feature classic graphics using low-resolution textures and smaller explorable maps. Most of these projects are old, and that way, they can be run smoothly on most modern devices. Various customization options are available for the players to change their control settings and other minor aspects. Some of the games allow you to choose a difficulty level, and some of the games are famous for being nearly impossible to complete on some levels of difficulty. Retro Video Games fit both casual and hardcore players due to their simplicity and straightforward gameplay, and the massive community keeps them alive years after the release.

Best Retro Video Games

  • Diablo 2 is an RPG that was released at the beginning of this century, and it still has a large community that keeps it alive. Various modifications also add more gameplay aspects, and the game has infinite randomly-generated content to explore.
  • The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is a retro RPG that features most of the essential roleplaying aspects, and allows the players to explore various quests and activities freely in the massive game world. In-depth customization mechanics let you create a unique playstyle.
  • Pac-Man is an arcade game that features straightforward gameplay with a single objective to consume all the cubes on each map. Players need to avoid dangerous enemies and survive until they finish a level.