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Roguelike Browser Games

Ingame Screen from Roguelike Browser Game

The RPG video games had many specific subgenres since the beginning of their popularity. One of the most popular and outstanding types of roleplaying projects is a Roguelike Browser Games. That subgenre has a strict set of features, which is typical for all roguelikes: for example, dungeon-crawler gameplay with procedural generation of levels and turn-based combat system. The games of this genre often have the specific graphics type, called tile-based. The name of this subgenre is given by the first project of that kind, the Rogue.


An action roguevania shooter developed by indie studio

Screenshot from fantasy Roguelike Browser Game

More About Roguelike Browser Games

The genre of roguelike browser games is one of the most elaborated, with sophisticated mechanics and many unique features. First of all, all of the functions released in these video games divided into two categories: the key factors, which is vital and determine if the project is affiliated to roguelike subgenre, and low-value factors, which can vary or be absent at all. The key features shape the concept of the gameplay: for example, all of the characters start the game at the top of the procedurally-generated dungeon, which will be automatically regenerated after the hero dies. In the original games, players were limited by permadeath function, but in most browser projects you will only get penalties for that.

The gameplay of Roguelike Browser Games is one of the most enjoyable and immersive out of all games; it has many sophisticated mechanics. Usually, players have an opportunity to interact with the environment, which allows completing the goals in many different ways. It can be used both in battle and in non-combat gameplay. The turn-based system of battle offers an opportunity to develop a strategy during the combat, which is convenient for complex fighting with hordes of enemies. The roguelike genre requires players to manage their resources to keep the character alive, explore the world and adapt to new conditions to resist the attacks of the enemies and take up the challenge of the game world.

Best Roguelike Browser Games

  • Isleward is a browser-based fantasy roguelike, inspired by classic MUDs and retro games. It has immersive gameplay and pretty pixel graphics.
  • Ananias is a dungeon-crawler roguelike with picturesque old-school graphics, featuring the flexible gameplay for different roles, a vast world to explore and dozens of unique enemies to fight.
  • Snow World is a two-button browser-based indie roguelike, featuring primitive but exciting gameplay, many picturesque locations and pretty visual style.