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Roman RPG Games focus on ancient Europe and the civilizations of those times. Various historical events inspire the developers to let the players experience different challenges and harsh weather conditions of those times, and the setting provides many unique role-playing aspects that are unavailable in other genres. You may customize the equipment and characters; however, most of these features are limited by the setting and technologies of ancient Rome.

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More about Roman RPG Games

The main distinctive feature of most Roman RPG Games is their setting, which is the Roman Empire of ancient times. The games may have different kinds of graphics; however, it is usually bright and inspired by the architecture of those times. The technologies of that setting are limited, and the players may use only specific tools available to the people then.

The combat systems vary, and most games make the players use a tactical approach to most of the military aspects. A lot of projects are turn-based; however, some games feature real-time combat. In that case, you may use various melee weapons, shields and bows to compete against enemies. In some cases, there are different sorcery elements available to both players and computer-controlled opponents.

Roman RPG Games feature an immersive environment, the atmosphere of the ancient Europe and myths of those times. Players may follow the main storyline, and they also can explore the virtual worlds to find out more about various historical events and mythical creatures. A wide range of available combat mechanics is designed to explore the weaponry and different abilities that can be enhanced even further using Skill Trees and various gear pieces. These games have a broad range of available challenges and stories that satisfy the needs of most lovers of the genre.

Best Roman RPG Games

  • A Legionary’s Life is an indie role-playing game that allows you to control a Roman soldier. You may rise through the ranks and acquire new abilities using the Skill Tree and various equipment.
  • Gladius is a tactical role-playing game, and it allows you to rule over a gladiator school. You have several characters to control and explore various locations to train them and succeed in the ultimate challenge.
  • Rise of the Argonauts is a role-playing game that focuses on the main plot and takes the character through many different locations. You may use various weapons and tools to defeat your foes.