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RPG Games of 2020 for PC

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RPG Games of 2020 features diverse environments and different mechanics for the players to customize their experience. There are a lot of different ways to play each of the games, and the developers create immersive storylines and side activities to enjoy and explore them multiple times. Different play styles allow the players to create unique characters and abilities, and the vast number of possible interactions make the experience for each player new and unique.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an isometric action roleplaying game in fantasy setting

Nioh 2

An action souls-like RPG in Japanese mythology setting

Baldur's Gate 3

A long-awaited continuation of the classic fantasy RPG series in Dungeons & Dragons setting


Indie roguelike action RPG game inspired by the Ancient Greece Mythology

Immortals Fenyx: Rising

A new open-world action game based on ancient Greek myths

ARCANIUM: Rise of Akhan

An indie fantasy single-player strategy card game with roguelike RPG elements


An indie turn-based strategy with RPG elements and multiplayer gameplay

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More about RPG Games of 2020

RPG Games of 2020 use immersive plot and an always-changing in-game world to create unique environments for the players to explore. A large number of computer-controlled enemies and allies make the worlds alive, and a large number of possible interactions lead to unpredictable outcomes and constant changes to the surroundings. Different games use different graphical styles, and some of them even offer classic pixelated worlds for the old school players.

Most of the games allow the players to customize their in-game avatar. Most of the characters are connected to the main storyline, and in that case, you may customize various facial features, equipment and accessories throughout the game. Other projects offer you to create an entirely new character to explore the virtual worlds.

Most RPG Games of 2020 allow the players to customize the abilities and equipment of their characters. Various skills can be unlocked during the game, and different combinations of these create unique playstyles for different kinds of players. Equipped gear may also affect available abilities and add additional effects to most of the characters’ movements. Some projects have certain limitations for both inventory and equipped items to prevent imbalanced outcomes. The games of the genre fit both casual and hardcore players because of diversity and flexible experience during each session.

Best RPG Games of 2020

  • Tales of Arise is a role-playing game that features two different planets for the players to explore along with two playable characters. The main storyline offers the players to change these worlds drastically.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 is a role-playing game in Cyberpunk setting of the future, and players have multiple ways how to complete the game and the storyline. There are multiple endings, and a large number of mechanics and their combinations.
  • Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is a strategic RPG in a medieval setting, and it features a comprehensive combat system with many customizable functions. Both equipment and the character affect the gameplay, and there are many different ways how to approach the game.