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RPG Games of 2021 for PC

Art for RPG Games of 2021

RPG Games of 2021 offer their players a diverse experience in various environments that use different graphical styles. The video games coming out in 2021 are the most technologically advanced, extraordinarily detailed and enhanced with sophisticated mechanics. Many of them are still in the early development stage, but they have already received a lot of attention from players. One of the most awaited features of the RPG games in 2021 is incredibly realistic game worlds and environment, built using the newest technologies of ray tracing, DLSS 2.0, and other features of RTX. In 2021, many developers will finally publish the long-awaited and postponed projects: the players will be able to try out the new games in popular series, and even remakes of the old-school projects.

Gothic Remake

A reworked version of the famous classic dark fantasy RPG

Tribes of Midgard

10-player cooperative survival simulator in setting of Norse mythology

Gotham Knights

Upcoming open-world action-RPG game in setting of DC Universe

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Adaptation of the board roleplaying game in the universe of World of Darkness

The Ascent

Indie action RPG-shooter in cyberpunk setting with top-down isometric camera angle

Monster Hunter: Rise

A new open-world action role-playing game in the Monster Hunter series

Scarlet Nexus

Anime-style action-adventure roleplaying game set in the original sci-fi universe

Elden Ring

Action open-world roleplaying computer game developed by FromSoftware

NieR Replicant

Unique Japanese Action/RPG computer game in the universe created by Yoko Taro

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2

Action/RPG immersive sim game with a deep roleplaying system and unique storyline

Final Fantasy XVI

The sixteenth instalment of the famous fantasy action JRPG series Final Fantasy

Hogwarts Legacy

Fantasy open-world action roleplaying game based on the Harry Potter universe

Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise is an upcoming anime action role-playing game in series of Tales.

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is an upcoming action RPG by Blizzard Entertainment.

Art for RPG Games of 2021 List

More about RPG Games of 2021

RPG Games of 2021 have detailed environments that include various graphical aspects to create an immersive experience for the players. Even old school pixelated worlds have more details, beautiful textures and animations to make the visuals diverse and recognizable. Most of the items can be interacted with, and players may use the surrounding objects for the combat advantage.

Customization is one of the core aspects of the games, and the players may change the playable character in many different ways. The equipment, facial features, body type and gender, are all changeable, and some in-game events may affect it as well. However, some projects have a premade character that is involved in the main story, and in that case, you cannot change certain features. Crafting allows you to create different tools, weapons, and other consumables to customize the playstyle and the abilities of the character.

Majority of RPG Games of 2021 have an immersive universe full of unique characters and their stories. The main plot takes the players around the virtual world, unlocks specific areas and abilities and grants access to a large number of available side quests and activities. Most of the actions of the players affect other aspects of the in-game world, and that may change the experience drastically for each player.

Best RPG Games of 2021

  • Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 is an Action/RPG and immersive sim computer game developed by Hardsuit Labs. It is a sequel to the cult RPG, the events of which are set in the World of Darkness universe. In this RPG from 2021, players will immerse into the story of a newly turned vampire who finds himself involved in a bloody war for the shadow world of Seattle. To survive, the game's protagonist must accept his new identity, choose his clan, and deal with the conspirators that make Seattle's vampires want to destroy each other. The game is a third-person role-playing action game where the hero's abilities depend on the clan the players choose, and where, in addition to proper lines of dialogue and waving skills, players must remember to keep up the Masquerade and maintain their humanity.
  • Final Fantasy XVI is an Action/RPG computer game developed by the Japanese company Square Enix. The story of FINAL FANTASY XVI will unfold in the world of Valisthea, a place dotted with vast mountains of sparkling crystals. For generations, people have flocked to them and built kingdoms, and the crystals have blessed them with ether. Thanks to the crystals, the kingdoms have prospered, and their inhabitants have always lived well. As a result of the endless wars for possession of the primordial crystals, five states were formed, and each of them is unique in its culture and ideology. Constant hostility has repeatedly threatened to break the fragile peace between the states, but now they are threatened by something more serious — Blight. According to the developersm this RPG will be released in the first part of 2021 only on PS5.
  • Monster Hunter Rise is a new role-playing game in the Monster Hunter series, developed and released by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch. The events of Monster Hunter Rise will unfold half a century after an absolute great disaster. The player as a hunter will face a new and terrifying monster, ready to plunge the world into chaos. Players will be taken on a journey into a world full of dangerous monsters, travelling with a Palamute — companion new to the series that also serves as a vehicle. In this game, it's possible to explore the world, hunt monsters, and improve their equipment in every way for the battles to come. In 2021, this RPG will invite players to explore an open world inspired by Japan without wasting time waiting for another location to load. The game can be played alone or in co-op with friends.