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Russian RPG Games for PC

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Russian RPG Games stand out for being developed by the companies that origin in the Russian Federation. These games contain most of the typical role-playing aspects, such as character development, exploration, visual customization and others. Some projects offer the authentic environment of various parts of the country at different times, and others show the post-apocalyptic future of the existing territories and regimes. You may also encounter harsh in-game weather conditions that are also regular in this country.

Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships

A pirate-themeted action RPG game developed by Akella

Frozen Flame

An action/RPG with survival elements and immersive storyline

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More about Russian RPG Games

Russian RPG Games feature various environments that may also include the settings from different times of the history of various Slavic countries. However, it's not the limit, and developers often find their inspiration in Western and Asian projects. The games may offer dark post-apocalyptic environments and cartoonish bright fantasy settings.

Russian RPG Games offer a wide range of customization systems. You may create a unique avatar using the character creator, and it allows you to change different body parts, gender and facial features. However, some projects provide you with a premade character that is involved in the storyline of the game. You may also customize your playstyle by selecting a few abilities from the broad range of available skills, and modify them by putting points in the Skill Trees. The equipment also plays a significant role by affecting various attributes and additional effects.

Russian RPG Games often feature an immersive storyline, which takes the players throughout most significant locations of the virtual world. A wide range of side activities and challenges provide a unique experience, along with valuable in-game rewards. This kind of games offers a large amount of content that satisfies the needs of different types of players.

Best Russian RPG Games

  • Allods Online is a fantasy MMORPG that bases on the authentic setting of the Russian wilderness of older times. You may explore the world, develop your character and engage in various activities with other players.
  • Pathologic is a mystical survival role-playing game that puts the players in a town that is dying from a mysterious pandemic. You need to explore it and find out what happened, along with avoiding various dangers on your way.
  • Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators is a role-playing game in a futuristic setting. You may explore the space and fight against pirates, trade and develop your spaceship and characters while uncovering the secrets of the galaxy.