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Sandbox MMO Games feature an ability to create, modify and destroy the player's environment together with a group of friends to achieve specific goals in flexible multiplayer modes. It's one of the most immersive genres of video games because it provides the most extensive opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Players can play as a team or stand against each other depending on the objective of the game; however, many projects are friendly to solo gamers.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

An indie sandbox MMORPG inspired by old-school games with survival mechanics

Open-world free-to-play MMO about mythical features

Creative Destruction

Cross-platform battle royale game with deep sandbox elements

Cubic Castles

Casual-friendly indie MMO game with sandbox gameplay elements

Out of Reach

Indie open-world MMO game featuring elements of the survival in the wild

Islet Online

Indie sandbox-style MMORPG game with cartoonish graphics

Beasts of Bermuda

Hardcore survival game featuring dinosaurs and fierce prehistoric beasts

Citadel: Forged with Fire

Sandbox fantasy MMORPG with survival elements


Turn-based MMORPG with grid combat system

Dark and Light

An early acces fantasy game with large open world and deep system of character development

Therian Saga

Fantasy MMORPG oriented on character development and PvE content

Sandbox fantasy MMORPG with pixel graphics and deep character development


An indie sandbox action RPG featuring the greatest diversity of activities

Ashes of Creation

A sandbox open-world player-driven MMORPG in fantasy setting


DwarfHeim is an upcoming fantasy MMORTS with an emphasis on teamwork.


A voxel action MMORPG sandbox with light RPG elements


A multiplayer sci-fi survival sandbox game set in distant future

The Skies

The SKIES is an indie post-apocalyptic MMORPG with a non-linear plot.

Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a science fiction MMORPG developed by company Funcom.


Starbase is a open-world MMO with a fully destructable universe and voxel/vertex mechanics.


Sandbox MMO Games for PC List

More about Sandbox MMO Games

This genre offers the players various options to interact with literally everything that surrounds them, such as terrain, fauna, custom objects and other players. An infinite amount of different strategies and playstyles become possible, and that makes players come back, again and again, to explore and enjoy endless outcomes of their actions.

The significant aspect of the game is gathering, which means that players spend a lot of time travelling around the game world and looking for something that will allow them to progress further. It can be minerals, so they have to dig into the ground, or it can be food, and in this case, players need to cultivate plants or hunt. You can stock a certain amount in your inventory and carry it back to your camp to use later.

Collecting various things allows players to create something entirely new, such as mechanical objects or weapons. Usually, there is a list of possible creations and required ingredients to make it, and after you collect it all, you can craft it and place it anywhere around the game world. The building is similar to crafting, and it is also a significant aspect of Sandbox MMO Games. Players can build houses, tents or other structures for various purposes, and they can move it or destroy afterwards.

Cooperative gameplay allows us to completely change the original world together with friends to achieve specific goals. There are no limitations to what you and your friends can do, so it's possible to play uniquely every time you begin a new game. Several modes allow player-versus-player activities, and in this case, players can build entire bases to go to war against each other. It's allowed to affect other's creations and territories.

Best Sandbox MMO Games

  • Minecraft is a Sandbox MMO Game that allows to build using blocks, destroy the environment and modify anything in a massive amount of multiplayer modes available.
  • Fortnite is a Sandbox MMOFPS that features various game modes, and in all of them, players can change anything on the map to gain advantages over enemies.
  • Don't Starve is a survival Sandbox MMO, in which players group up to survive on a wild island. Players can build a settlement and modify the environment to protect themselves and satisfy their needs.