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Sci-Fi MMORPG Games

Robots and future car from Sci-Fi MMORPG

Science fiction is one of the most popular genres in each type of art. It has many subgenres, unique and exciting features, and provides as much space for the imagination is usual fantasy genre. Still, it has one sufficient difference: while usual fantasy genre requires no scientific and realistic base for the universe, sci-fi relies only on real working laws of reality. The breathtaking space adventures, contacts with aliens, time travelling and parallel universes can be found only in Sci-Fi MMORPG.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Anime action roleplaying game developed for the mobile platforms

Next Day: Survival

Survival MMO game in post-apocalyptic setting featuring roleplaying elements

Stay Out

Multiplayer role-playing game with shooter elements in post-apocalyptic setting

Gangs of Space

Indie multiplayer game with RPG elements in sci-fi space setting

Will to Live Online

Indie MMORPG-shooter in post-apocalyptic setting

Wasteland 3

An upcoming multiplayer RPG in postapocalyptic setting


A dark sci-fi MMOFPS featuring unique combat mechanics and RPG elements

Tower of Fantasy

An upcoming project in setting of sci-fi fantasy developed by Perfect World Games


Perpetuum was a mech sci-fi MMORPG with player-driven economics.


A multiplayer sci-fi survival sandbox game set in distant future

Deuterium Wars

Deuterium Wars is a multiplayer cross-platform shooter with dynamic battles and roleplaying system.

Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a science fiction MMORPG developed by company Funcom.

Population Zero

Population Zero is a survival sandbox MMO with RPG mechanics.


An action high-fantasy MMORPG in looter-slasher genre


Elyon is a fantasy RvR MMORPG in steampunk setting developed by creators of TERA.

Burning SoulWorker

Burning SoulWorker is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG in anime style.

PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 is a sci-fi MMOFPS with extremely dynamic large-scale battles in open world.

Phantasy Star Online 2

A PC version of one of the most famous Japanese action MMORPG


An indie fantasy MMORPG in steampunk setting

Dual Universe

Indie first-person sandbox MMORPG in sci-fi setting


Sci-Fi MMORPG Games Art

More About Sci-Fi MMORPG

One of the essential things in the Sci-Fi MMORPG genre is that it contains dozens of scientifically-correct features with realistic mechanics. Usually, every phenomenon in the game is explained by an author, following all the rules of the fictional world. The plot is typically set in the future or an alternative universe, and it’s often paired up with the space setting.

Developers of Sci-Fi games usually provide players with a new look at familiar things. It means that all of the weapons, vehicles, pieces of furniture, buildings and clothes still retain their purpose. Nevertheless, their appearance looks wholly new and unusual - just as the developers imagine them in the future. So that playing in Sci-Fi MMORPG you have a unique opportunity to try shooting from a laser gun, or ride a hoverbike.

Sci-Fi MMORPG contains not only cosmetic differences with the real world. Sometimes playing the sci-fi video games players can face with entirely new things, for example, time travelling or exploration of the distant corners of space. It’s one of the most breathtaking features of this genre: the fantastic part of it is usually based on something, in contrast with the usual fantasy, where many things powered simply by magic. It’s one of the most popular genres, with many different subgenres; each of one has its one unique features. It provides the most exciting experiences for players so that everyone can find a game with a suitable setting and gameplay.

Best Sci-Fi MMORPG

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic is a story-driven space MMORPG in genre of science fantasy. It provides unique gameplay, exciting space adventures and many unusual activities. The events of this game are based on the famous Star Wars series, that has many unique alien races, unique lightsabers and thrilling adventures on spaceships.
  • RF Online is a mech MMORPG in sci-fi setting, with the exciting questline and unique combat mechanics.
  • Skyforge is a techno-fantasy action-combat MMORPG with dynamic battle mechanics and picturesque graphics. It has many classes with different gameplay styles.