Similar Games like Aion

Similar Games like Aion

Aion: The Tower of Eternity is a computer game in the MMORPG genre, developed by NCSoft, which combines PvP and PvE in a fantasy world. Aion is one of the most popular MMORPG, which features an unusual concept of gameplay. In the world of Aion, there are three endlessly fighting races — Elyos, Asmodian and Balaur (Drakan). The entire gameplay consists of developing the story of this confrontation; the story can change by each player's actions. Players can fight monsters, run errands and clear up the locations, as well as battle with representatives of the enemy race in PvP battles—a total of two races available to players in the game (angelic Elyos and demonic Asmodian). The Balaur are presented as a hostile faction, and your character can't be one of them.

In addition to the faction and race, players can choose their class and the skills they want to practice. You can develop absolutely any specialization in your character and explore peaceful professions. In the world of Aion, many activities are based on trade and craft, so the development of crafting will be a helpful skill for development in the game. However, the primary goal of all players is to fight with other players and boss battles.

Similar Games like Aion usually have an elaborate battle system, social functions and character development. In these games, players have to spend long hours developing their characters, completing complex Challenges and battling in the Abyss. To successfully complete the most difficult tasks, you will need to find a guild or group of players. In addition, some content will only be available to members of alliances. This is done to encourage communication between players, so if you prefer solo gameplay, you will sooner or later have to deal with fellow players.

Another essential part of Similar Games like Aion is a PvPvE battle system. It's pretty rare, but it's one of the most challenging and complicated battle systems. In short, these games feature battlefields that combine PvE and PvP mode on the exact same location: it means that players will have to fight both against computer-controlled opponents and other humans.

Similar Online Games like Aion

Black Desert Online

Black Desert is a free-to-play hardcore action MMORPG in a dark fantasy setting. One of the main features of BDO is a non-target action combat system with an active block, dodge and combo system. The game features deep character customization, multiple class archetypes to choose from and an outstanding character editor. Black Desert Online is one of the most technologically advanced MMORPG games with high-quality and demanding graphics.

Lineage 2

Lineage II is a classic third-person fantasy MMORPG. Players have access to an in-depth character creation system with seven playable races, as well as an extensive class and profession system. In the world of Lineage 2, players can complete story quests, fight with monsters, kill raid bosses, clear up the dungeons, etc. This project has a free PvP-system that is not limited by special game modes, which means that any player can attack another player at any time. Another feature of this hardcore MMORPG is a system of clans, clan wars and castle sieges.

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft is an online fantasy MMORPG in which you can explore the virtual world of the game, battle with various enemies and other players, complete quests, and clear dungeons. Both in dungeons and in the open world of the game, there are strong enemies and bosses; to defeat these enemies, players will have to gather in groups and cooperate the abilities. Warcraft is available with a paid subscription, which can also be paid for in-game currency; in addition, the game regularly receives updates and major expansion packs with new content.

TERA is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG with a real-time third-person combat system. The concept of this game is very similar to Lineage: the game has seven races, a complex system of character progression and several classes to choose from. The gameplay is entirely focused on PvP fights. There is no confrontation between factions or races: the developers have emphasized the battles between the guilds driven by players, each of which will fight for influence in the game world. TERA is an MMORPG with many social features, which is suitable for players who like to play in the company.

The game has several publishers who have localized and distributed it in certain regions. Tencent Games was the publisher for China, TrionWorlds for Europe, and Mail.Ru Group for Russia and the CIS. Due to the regional spread of the game, for some of them, updates and innovations become available earlier than for others. The release of Archeage took place gradually from 2013 to 2014. The game is a classic fantasy MMORPG, combining the style of magic and the Middle Ages.

Similar Games like Aion featuring PvPvE

Hunt Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is an MMO in the first-person shooter and survival horror genre. In this game, the player acts as a hunter, fulfilling contracts to kill monsters and undead. Before the game starts, the player can get a free character with the lowest possible stats or buy one of the existing ones. Character development gives health points and passive skills, which give certain bonuses. After death, the player loses all weapons, perks and half of the experience. An essential aspect of the game is a confrontation with other players, who are also fighting to complete the contract.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer survival simulator. In this project, players must survive in a world populated by prehistoric creatures. To do this, you can use firearms, build bases for protection against other players or hostile animals, trade various resources or loot, tame dinosaurs, explore the terrestrial or underwater world, or hunt other players. The game has a wide variety of creatures like dinosaurs, ancient arthropods, reptiles, mammals, and even fictional cryptids.


Games like Aion featuring Faction system

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is an MMO role-playing game in a fantasy setting. The main features of this MMORPG is a unique system of character development without strict division into traditional roles, as well as a deeply developed storyline. All players in Guild Wars 2 have access to a personal character storyline, which draws players into the gameplay. GW2 contains no pay-to-win options; however, it's necessary to buy the game to access all content and expansions.

Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) is a multiplayer online game in a medieval dark fantasy setting. The game features PvE and realm versus realm war ("realm versus realm", RvR). All players can complete the game alone or join battle groups with other people, which allows them to achieve great success in fights against monsters and battles between kingdoms. Participation in RvR and PvP is voluntary; players do not have to fight each other to develop the characters and complete the storyline successfully.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a story-based multiplayer online role-playing game in the Star Wars universe. In the beginning, players have to choose a faction (Galactic Republic or Sith Empire), class, race, gender of the character and customize their appearance. The opposing sides have different play styles, professions, missions, and storylines. Also, the plot of SWTOR changes depending on the player's decisions, which allows making the gameplay more diverse than in other similar projects. The game also features a deep companion system, including even romantic relationships with NPCs.

Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is an old-school sci-fi MMORPG in a cyberpunk setting, released in 2001. The game's events take place in the year 29475 on the planet Rubi-Ka and its counterpart in the Shadowlands dimension. The player will have to choose between two opposing factions: Omni-Tek corporation and Clans rebels, who fight for control of the planet. However, it's also possible to stay neutral. Anarchy Online has one of the most advanced skill systems: all skills are available to any player, regardless of race/profession.

Granado Espada

Granado Espada is a free-to-play MMORPG in a universe stylized as the era of European expansion in the New World. Fighting on the side of the Royalists or Republicans, the player will have to find the way to the riches of the new world. The game's specific setting combines several historical periods from the Renaissance to the Baroque period. Granado Espada differs from many MMORPGs in character management: players can control a team of up to three members; this makes gameplay similar to real-time strategy. Also, the game features some fantasy elements like magic.