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Simple MMORPG Games

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Simple MMORPG - a relatively common type of entertaining for a broad audience of gamers. Such projects do not focus on creating some advanced mechanics, an extensive character development system, but allow the player to enjoy content in a short time journey and without much effort. That's what simple MMORPGs are famous for.


The game has several publishers who have localized and distributed it in certain regions.

RF Online

RF Online is a sci-fi MMORPG, in which technology and magic are closely intertwined, pushing thre


Money for the development of Crowfall was collected through Kickstarter.

Although in this concept there is nothing wrong or illegal, many players dislike this kind of entertainment, because it does not give that very feeling of a long-awaited victory, for which you spend hours trying and doing some difficult trials. However, the demand for simple MMORPGs in the market is quite reasonable, and this has its reasons.

First, the simpler the game, the wider the audience that can become a potential user. The most user-friendly interface, learning system, which allows in a few minutes to understand all the intricacies of the game. Speaking of the gameplay itself, in simple MMORPGs there is usually not a lot of variety in classes that go beyond the usual warrior, archer, and mage, as there is no abundant amount of equipment, thanks to which you can choose the characteristics and appearance to your liking.

Secondly, the social part is also quite simplified: there is no need to spend hours looking for a team for boss battles, PvP battles look like ordinary duel fights. More significant fighting, such as sieges of castles or clan battles, are the same fights, but for critical positions and with a large number of players.

However, simple MMORPGs have a single flaw that deprives this genre of attractiveness with each project tested - this is their monotony. No matter how much the action takes place, be it the salvation of the world from the invasion of demons, the fight against the gods or the racial war for territories, everything goes according to a single scenario, seasoned with an endless stream of rewards and tasks.

Of the curious projects, Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG with attractive anime styling, a sufficient number of classes, despite its genre, and full Russification from 2018. The developers also took into account the wishes of the "old school" players and newbies by creating several versions of the game: Renewal, with a lot of global changes and a mechanic, and Revo-Classic, combining the features of the original Ragnarok and the latest updates.

Or Throne of God - a product with isometric graphics, dynamic pumping and tons of tireless battles with monsters. For simplicity, there is an automation system for most actions, whether moving or fighting, but you can turn it off at any time and get control into your hands.