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Single-Player MOBA Games

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MOBA games became a hit when quick matches appeared to be one of the most effective ways to spend time. Numerous achievements and competitions in combination with the fast-paced rounds which you can play for customizable heroes become an appealing scheme for many gamers. Still, one of the weak points of this genre is the randomness of matchmaking: the newbies often make the team with pro gamers, and skilled professionals easily can find themselves playing with amateur teammates. That's what Single Player MOBA is trying to improve: this genre allows to master skills playing against AI-controlled mobs.


Free-to-play platformer fighting game featuring heroes from different universes

Mushroom Wars 2

A tower-defence MOBA game about mushroom wars

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Hack-and-slash MOBA game in Fantasy setting

Heavy Metal Machines

A racing MOBA game in postapocalyptic setting


A multiplayer fighting game with plenty of unique characters


A Viking battle royale game with RPG elements

For Honor

Team-based hack-and-slash MMO featuring realistic combat and classes


Panzar is a third-person shooter MOBA game.


SMITE is a free-to-play MOBA game in a fantasy celestial setting.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Of The Storm is an online hero brawler game developed by the Blizzard Entertainment.


VainGlory is an online free-to-play role-playing game in the MOBA genre


An ambitious project of Bigbug Studio, a mix of different genres and gaming styles.

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More about Single Player MOBA Games

The genre of Single Player MOBA is suitable for those players who prefer PvE gameplay. This kind of games has several advantages in comparison with classic MOBAs. You can pause the process and continue playing after time, try new tactics alone and master your battle skills; it also allows avoiding toxic players, which is a common thing for competitive games. Moreover, you can cooperate with real players and fill the slots of another team with bots, which allows you to hone the tactics and work out together. It's an excellent feature for amateurs who aims at professional participation in esports tournaments; still, if you want to play perfect, one day you will have to start playing with real opponents.

The single-player mode allows to try out custom modes and new strategies; there's also an opportunity to unlock the individual achievements and increased levels of difficulty, which is immersive and entertaining. Usually, these MOBAs has different leaderboards for each challenge and mode. It allows players to master the gameplay for each character and use new skills in the real battle. Besides experiencing the storyline, the player in a match controls a champion.

Teams that fight against each other possess the final goal of destroying the opposing team's base, which is guarded by lanes and towers, as well as other champions and small mobs. The participant has to build up the character from scratch. To power up to a level fair enough to take on the enemy's base, a player must first focus on killing AI-controlled enemies for gold and experience. The received money can be spent at the store to purchase weapons, equipment, decorations and other items. Once you've equipped your hero, you can rush into battle.

Best Single Player MOBA Games

  • Demigod is a single-player MOBA in a fantasy setting. It features action-strategy gameplay combined with role-playing elements and dozens of competitive mechanics.
  • Mr Donovan is a single-player open-world MOBA in a sci-fi setting. In this game, you will have to defend your spaceship crashed on an alien planet and explore the new strange world.
  • Heroes of the Storm has a customizable single-player mode against AI-controlled mobs.