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Social MMORPG Games

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One of the reasons why the genre of social games was created is to unite the people from all around the world who aren’t so good at socializing in real life or having trouble finding peers that share their interests. In the game world, it’s easy to become friends quite fast, and Social MMORPG can become a helpful tool. These games allow people to live a desired second life. Girls can pretend to be boys and another way around; ordinary humans can be either elven archers or orc warriors. It is easier to make friends and enemies and maybe even form a relationship.

Darkmoon Realm

Idle browser-based MMORPG game featuring tons of PvE challenges and PvP ladder

Wild Terra 2: New Lands

An indie sandbox MMORPG inspired by old-school games with survival mechanics

Dragon Lord

A fantasy MMO game with classic RPG gameplay, mixed with strategy mechanics

Star Stable

An online adventure game about horses, competitions, races, and horse care

Open-world free-to-play MMO about mythical features

Lords of the Arena

An online idle RPG that features elements of MOBA gameplay

DarkStory Online

A free-to-play indie MMORPG with simple pixel graphics and immersive cooperative gameplay

Eudemons Online

Free-to-play old-school fantasy MMORPG featuring immersive PvP and seven playable classes

Cubic Castles

Casual-friendly indie MMO game with sandbox gameplay elements

Out of Reach

Indie open-world MMO game featuring elements of the survival in the wild

Islet Online

Indie sandbox-style MMORPG game with cartoonish graphics

Life Forge ORPG

Free-to-play 2D MMORPG game with a vast open world

Project TL

Upcoming fantasy MMORPG game developed by NCSoft

Age of Wushu 2

Upcoming MMORPG in the Age of Wushu series

Villagers and Heroes

Player-driven fantasy MMORPG featuring deep crafting system and character development

Beasts of Bermuda

Hardcore survival game featuring dinosaurs and fierce prehistoric beasts

Gemini Station

Browser-based multiplayer roleplaying game in space setting


Browser-based role-playing game featuring deep character customization

Knight's Fable

Turn-based fantasy MMORPG with strategy elements

Odin Quest

Fantasy browser-based action-RPG based Norse mythology


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More about Social MMORPG

Sometimes players enjoy MMORPG socializing more than real-life interactions, but social gameplay can also help develop real relationships. Social games provide a great way for long-time friends to come together, share a laugh, and have a good time in general. These games can be a distraction from the problems and a source of laughter at a bad time. There is usually a multitude of customization tools in these games. New participants are granted an opportunity to build up their character’s appearance from the start. It allows personalizing the model to associate with the hero, which brings in more roleplaying opportunities. Choose your race, choose your class, and venture into the world of the game. Social MMORPG can be a time killer, as it shows a lot of colourful action and an immersive storyline to dive.

Although the story and the action are vital in this genre, cooperating during the gameplay is the most essential. Players work together to achieve a general goal, either winning or losing as a group. In this case, cooperation comes before competition. But there is also one more way to socialize; you can play against each other and conquer PvP challenges. You don’t have to make new enemies while doing that in Social MMORPG necessarily, but you can build up a friendly tournament to have fun winning and losing.

Most MMORPGs like these provide a multitude of events that can help gather a new friendly party for those who cannot invite their real-life friends into the game. During the celebration events, players are usually more communicative, as game developers make up tasks that push everyone to work together to gain experience and achievements.

Best Social MMORPG

  • World of Warcraft is a classic MMORPG that possesses enormous amounts of quests and dungeons that can be explored together while taking the side of one of the factions.
  • Astellia Online is an action MMORPG where you explore the world and collect unique battle pets together.
  • Ultima Online is one of the first popular fantasy MMORPGs, and it requires vast amounts of socialization to be successful.