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Many real-times strategies today use fantasy world settings, mostly because it's familiar to the audience and simple to develop. The Space MMORTS Games are much more complicated in case of in-game mechanics, economy construction, and world-building. It's common to use a persistent world — usually hosted by the publisher of the game — which continues to evolve and live even when the player is offline. Space and sci-fi strategies possess an in-depth set of worlds, each one unique for their exclusive fleet, races, and so on.

Hades’ Star

An online strategy game in Sci-Fi space setting

Starfall Online

Starfall Online is a MMORTS where you build your own space fleet.

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars is a sci-fi MMORTS game, developed by NGB in 2016.

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More about Space MMORTS Games

The difference between MMORTS and other MMO genres is that RTS most often take the form of a war strategy game; the players are taking on the role of a leader that commands a fleet or an army to make decisions which develop the world around them. Space strategies combine the large, detailed environment with MMO elements to create a new experience for participants.

Lots of modern Space MMORTS Games encourage players to unite in alliances to defeat their enemies more effectively. They play alongside thousands of other commanders and grow the empire along conquering distant galaxies. The games allow to launch raids together, discover missions and colonize planets to expand into the new frontier.

The genre of Space MMORTS Games features a handful of various plots but most common is starting with only a tiny space station and a small number of resources, the commander must develop the buildings and raise fleets to secure the borders. Sci-fi strategies present a choice of distinctive playstyles. You can choose to become a famous commander of a mighty space fleet, involve in political wars with your enemies, or produce the resources to support the economics and gain wealth.

Best Space MMORTS Games

  • Starfall Online is a tactical RTS which features the limitless space exploration. In this game, you will have to choose one of the playable factions, customize the fleet, and start the adventure in the procedurally-generated universe.
  • Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars is a real-time sci-fi strategy where your main goal is to choose a race and bring it to the intergalactic domination. Participants also need to colonize the planets, support their inhabitants, and pursue the economic and military policies of the chosen race.
  • Starborne is a brand new space MMORTS in open beta. It provides players with giant open world, distinct gameplay and dozens of immersive activities including colossal PvP battles.