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Space RPG Games offer its players a unique opportunity to explore the entire galaxies, visit various planets and discover other species. The futuristic setting provides you with multiple technologies to interact with different objects in Space, including spaceships, asteroids and entire space cities. You use various in-game customization systems to modify your equipment, weapons and other accessories. Immersive storylines offer unique events to witness and multiple challenges to participate.


Sci-fi space survival horror with a huge open world and procedural generation of game content

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

Tactical RPG game in setting of the Gundam Anime Series


Terraria is a 2D Pixel MMO with perfect sandbox system and beautiful visuals.

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More about Space RPG Games

Space RPG Games focus on Space exploration, and players may interact with the environment in many different ways. The games usually have massive in-game worlds to emphasize the scale of the galaxies, and the players may freely explore most of them. Futuristic technologies also add more depth to the gameplay and in-game atmosphere. You may also encounter various species through the galaxy because the players are not limited to Earth or nearby planets.

Space RPG Games feature many customization options, and you can affect your equipment and available weapons in various ways. It is possible to purchase better versions of them, and you may gather resources or spend the in-game currency to obtain multiple upgrades, which may affect various attributes, such as damage, accuracy or others. You also can buy and sell spaceships, control the crew and tweak multiple characteristics of it. Some projects even allow you to create a unique visual design for some of the objects in Space.

Space RPG Games offer a wide range of possibilities for the players to explore and create. There is plenty of content that fits both casual and hardcore players, and various challenges are available to everyone. Some games allow you to tweak difficulty settings to be able to obtain the best in-game rewards.

Best Space RPG Games

  • Rebel Galaxy features a massive randomly-generated open world in the space setting, and players may freely interact with the in-game characters to acquire missions and participate in various activities that may change the world permanently.
  • Mass Effect 3 features familiar characters from the previous games of the series, and it is a story-driven game with various customization options available. You may affect the development of the main plot and change the overall outcome with your actions.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic is a story-driven game that allows you to choose between the infamous dark and light sides through the main storyline. You may select a class and customize it further, and that adds even more depth to the gameplay.