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The Steampunk MMO Games take the inspiration from the victorian era, steam machines and the aesthetic of complicated clockworks, and combine it with a sophisticated visual style full of copper, brown, and yellow colours. The world of these projects is very contrasted: you can travel from the palace halls to dusty and gloomy insides of the colossal mechanism, or even see the cities from a height of zeppelins.


An indie fantasy MMORPG in steampunk setting

RF Online

RF Online is a korean sci-fi MMORPG, developed by CCR Inc. in 2004

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More about Steampunk MMO Games

The game world of Steampunk MMO Games is quite similar to ours; however, its development path went alternatively, and its machines use entirely different technologies. In this universe, humanity focused on steam technologies and reached an incredible level of development. Weapons in the Steampunk universe look more like vintage revolvers or cannons, and they have a lot of decorations, such as copper gears. The shooting mechanics differ as well because the whole technological part of it is different from the guns we have in our universe. Copper is a material that is widely used due to its natural reasons, and most of the devices use this metal.

The visual part of Steampunk MMO Games has its unique style that combines dark brown, pastel-yellow and saturated ginger, and everything looks very bright. Characters’ equipment looks old-fashioned, but it includes a lot of complicated mechanisms, gears, clockworks and other details.

Steam is a primary fuel for all the machines and mechanisms in those games, and it also allows aeroplanes to dive in the skies freely. It is a part of the universe, and various Steampunk projects allow its players to control massive ships to explore and to battle against other players.

A vast number of Steampunk MMO Games allows its players to experience the past era with the inclusion of alternative technologies. It makes players struggle with specific objectives where steam is not so useful; however, it also adds a lot of explosive features to enjoy together with friends or strangers online. Steampunk has a lot of variations, and it directly affects various MMO Games and their universes, and the massive number of fans keeps the community alive for years.

Best Steampunk MMO Games

  • Steambirds Alliance is an indie MMO game in which players control various steampunk aeroplanes together with friends and fight against hundreds of explosive enemies, dodge enemies’ attacks and collect rare loot.
  • Cloud Pirates is an MMO shooter, and you have to control an airship to navigate the clouds and take part in exciting aerial battles. You can choose and customize your ship to fit your playstyle.
  • Corepunk is an indie MMORPG that features a combination of fantasy and steampunk universes. Players explore a massive open world, engage dangerous enemies and hunt for rare loot.