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Superhero RPG Games for PC

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Superhero RPG Games offer the players a unique opportunity to become a person with supernatural powers in a realistic world. There are dozens of universes full of diverse characters, and the games of the genre allow the players to experience various superpowers of these characters in the virtual space. In some games, you can customize both visual and gameplay aspects, and you can also change superheroes throughout the main storyline or side questlines to experience different approaches for the same objectives.

Batman: Arkham Knight

An action-adventure computer game in setting of the Gotham City from the DC Universe

Gotham Knights

Upcoming open-world action-RPG game in setting of DC Universe

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More about Superhero RPG Games

Superhero RPG Games happen in the alternative version of our reality, and various characters have superpowers that allow them to perform seemingly-impossible actions. Some of them may represent aliens and beings from other dimensions. In any case, they all meet in the same reality for various reasons, and the games provide different storylines that take the players around the massive virtual worlds for battles and other activities.

Superhero RPG Games allow you to pick a preferable character with the powers that fit your playstyle; however, in some cases, you have to complete specific objectives using a premade hero due to storyline reasons. You can change the visual outlooks of the characters by acquiring new equipment and changing the colours of it. You can also obtain more superhero abilities through completing the missions or by levelling up. Some games also feature Skill Trees that allow the players to tweak specific skills to fit their playstyle even more.

Superhero RPG Games feature a diverse range of available playstyles, and they can satisfy the needs of both casual and hardcore players. There is plenty of available activities and story missions for the players to explore, along with various open-world locations for the players to explore freely.

Best Superhero RPG Games

  • Marvel’s Avengers features various superheroes for the players to control and participate in a wide range of missions. You can save the world several times with your favourite characters from comics, and the immersive storyline features various global events.
  • DC Universe Online features past-paced action combat and allows the players to choose a side in the epic battle of heroes and villains. Story-driven adventures offer various customization options, along with multiple side activities.
  • Freedom Force allows the players to save the planet from the alien invasion. You make up a squad of superheroes to protect Earth in more than twenty different missions where you can customize the characters and their abilities.