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It may seem like text-based games had fallen into history when game developers came up with interactive mechanics, but it is not so true. Day to day gamers crave new mechanics to experience, and most of the time, they wish to test their intellect and take up a strategic challenge. Text-based MMORTS Games can become a worthy battlefield where it can be done. In most cases, text-based games are based on the management and resource control mechanics.

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The genre of text-based MMORTS Games never made an emphasis on the visual part of the gameplay. Still, some of these projects provide great visualization along with an opportunity to test out your intellectual and tactical abilities. Text-based strategies are specific entertainment for those who love challenges and management because all vital mechanics are based on the analyze of the income, resources and development of the property. Players of the text-based strategic journeys always have to remember about every small aspect, because it can be essential for winning over the opponents.

As much text-based games are difficult for developing as challenging they're for mastering. There is a wide range of opportunities in this genre, and players must always control the situation around all systems. Sometimes the projects don't feature any graphic presentation for the surroundings and a battlefield at all, so it becomes even more complicated to figure out. Still, keeping every move in your head and training the brain to process complex schemes and tactics can become a fun and helpful tool for intellectual abilities.

Text-based MMORTS Games sometimes allow the participants to create a custom character of their own and evolve them as they see needed, as well as the world around them. Most of the time players are presented with a realm they must develop to conquer more lands and to build up a mighty army. Skills can be chosen, so the game progress becomes more comfortable. Powers can act as an automated command that saves the player from writing out specific commands over and over again.

These projects can be played in solo, but alliances and friendship systems are available most of the times. Gathering allies presents more opportunities at battling enemies, and allows for more smooth fun gameplay where the decisions can be made together, and, perhaps, the result will be much more calculated than usual.

Best Text-based MMORTS Games

  • OGame is a sci-fi text-based strategy MMO in the setting of space exploration. The gameplay of this project is concentrated on sophisticated resource management mechanics.
  • AD2460 is a sci-fi browser-based MMORTS which features a system of alliances, customizable fleet, and unique mechanics of player interaction.
  • Xterium is a browser-based sci-fi strategy with a flexible system of development and vast explorable map.